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Luke Lazarus Works to Prepare Startups for Successful Entrepreneurship

 Finding Reputable Sources for Collaboration

Startups businesses need plenty of guidance today and they have plenty of opportunities to learn from others. Anyone who visits channels like YouTube® can tell that almost everyone has something to say about well, almost everything imaginable. The problem with sorting thru all the information is it is time-consuming.

Traditionally there has always been two ways to learn and both of these ways are easy to access. First, thru learning from others like universities.

Secondly, becoming an apprentice. Truthfully, both are necessary and helpful. Where can a new startup learn from someone who has thru years of experience and learning has put it all together into a nice package and has become a startup consultant. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Medium and Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO | Dougsandler

Luke Lazarus Enters to Assist

Many startups already have found that person to be Luke Lazarus. Luke demonstrated business acumen from the age of eight when he took an idea for a business and started it. After spending his early years pursuing different entrepreneurial aims he later pursued his business education at Melbourne Business School and completed an MBA at the age of 24.

Luke Lazarus was not just hanging up his jacket after arriving at the top of his academic career, but he immediately began working to build his career and at the young age of 32 he had started not one but four startups and sold them to others.

After his initial success, he began thinking of how he could translate his practical and academic success into another career and began his own startup consulting company with the goal of sharing his skills learned and experience with startups who were just beginning; in other words, people helping people, which is always ingredients for more success.

Shaping Startups

One of the key activities Luke Lazarus is keen to teach startups is to see the value of having all the requires parts of a genuine story together before they approach venture capitalist or angel investors who are in the business of helping promising startups.

Luke Lazarus believes that startups only have about thirty seconds to interest a venture capitalist in their story, so he spends time with his startups in helping them get all the parts of their story which is the heart of their business, and make a strong presentation that will connect with customers.

If they can engage and have their story connect with the investors they can have a chance to get funding to make their ideas come fully to life. Of course, all this work takes time and effort on both the startup and the mentor or consultant.

Building the Story

After the consultant leaves, they will need to stand on their own, and Luke Lazarus is deeply involved with each startup until they can get to a point of initial plans that lead to success before investors. The main point Lazarus drives forward to the startups he consults is arriving at a point that can move an investor does two important things.

First, it prepares the startup for real-world encounter regardless of investor funding. Secondly, it also makes them dig deeper into themselves to test how and why they want to tell their stories and to who their story is directed. Being able to do these two things is critical for substantial growth in the world of business.

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Jason Colodne Finds Success In The Financial And Entertainment Industries

Jason Colodne is a person who works in the financial industry and has produced movies. He grew up in New York City and graduated from Horace Mann High School in 1990. He attended the University of Pennsylvania where he studied history and finance. Graduating in 1994, he entered the financial industry.

Starting out at Bear Stearns on Wall Street, Jason Colodne was in their Financial Sponsors Group where he engaged in investment banking. He was next in the proprietary distressed securities investing group at UBS. In January 1998, he joined Goldman Sachs. He was the head of distressed research, investing, and hybrid lending.

Joining Morgan Stanley in June 2004, Jason Colodne was the managing director of the Strategic Finance division. In this position, he was tasked with developing its strategic lending business. He was briefly the president at Patriarch Partners. This is a financial firm that invests in private equity and has $6 billion in assets under management. View more on Instagram

He co-founded Colbeck in March 2008 where he is the managing partner. This company manages a direct lending fund designed to meet unmet corporate financing requirements. These types of loans include senior secured loans, second liens, debtor in possession, unfunded commitments, flexible covenants, and short or long-dated maturities. Jason Coldone oversees Colbeck’s investment activities such as managing its portfolio, documentation, and due diligence.

Jason Coldone entered the film industry as an executive producer in 2012. His first movie was “Act of Valor” which starred Roselyn Sanchez, Nestor Serrano, and Alex Veadov. This movie was about Bandito Platoon, a Navy SEALS team, that has to stop a threat that could kill thousands of people in the United States. Much of the action takes place along the U.S.-Mexico border.

His next movie was “Paranoia” which came out in 2013. This movie starred Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman, Amber Heard, and Liam Hemsworth. Adam Cassidy, played by Liam Hemsworth, is forced to become a corporate spy by his boss. This movie was based on a book by Joseph Finder.

He had three movies released in 2014. The first of these was “Brick Mansions,” which Jason Colodne co-executive produced. Starring Paul Walker and David Belle, this is a crime movie that takes place in Detroit. An undercover cop played by Paul Walker has to work with an ex-con to take down a crime lord.

“Earth to Echo” was a sci-fi movie that starred Reese Hartwig, Astro, and Teo Halm. Some kids start to get odd, encoded messages and when they trace them to their source it’s an alien sending them. The alien is in trouble and needs this group of kids’ help. This movie used the “found footage” approach to filming.

The last movie executive produced by Jason Coldone was “Beyond the Lights.” The stars of this movie were Minnie Driver, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and Nate Parker. Gugu Mbatha-Raw plays as a famous singer who is succumbing to the pressures of his career. She meets a young police officer, played by Nate Parker, who helps her break away from her overbearing mother.

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Ashley Lightspeed’s essential for successful entrepreneurship

The phenomenon of venture capital firms is relatively new in the financial industry and various budding ventures are set to make their mark in this industry. One such venture capital firm which has assisted various tech giants, as well as small scale enterprises, is Lightspeed Venture Partners. It was founded in 2000 and has a large clientele base. However, one of the most fascinating aspects of this company is one of its partners; Ashley Lightspeed. In a rather short amount of time, Ashley has managed to achieve a lot in her corporate career. Seldom have we observed that women come out on the top especially within the financial industry but Ashley Lightspeed was able to break such stereotypes and make complete use of every possible opportunity thrown her way. Read more about Ashley Lightspeed at Forbes.

She was one of the most important resources at Thumbtack and worked there for quite some time before quitting work to pursue her academic aspirations. Ashley enrolled at Stanford University for MBA and once she completed her degree, she went onto join Lightspeed Venture Partners and worked her way towards the top, eventually becoming a partner at the firm. If we look at some insights into Ashley’s work and life, there is a lot that can be learned. She is known to be very modest about her accomplishments however gave some tips that might help budding entrepreneurs in achieving their goals. Ashley believes she gets most of her work done when she is working within a quiet and peaceful environment. This nature of Ashley came about overtime as she was a very talkative and loquacious kid but shifted to the other end of spectrum overtime – worked out for the best because her productivity greatly increased.

As a successful entrepreneur, there are numerous things that Ashley and her career can teach us however the most integral one is communication.

To learn more about Ashley lightspeed, visit at

GCPS Foundation

Gwinnett County Public School system has started a foundation that is passionate about helping children succeed in creating a better future for the leaders of tomorrow .The foundation is named Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation. The Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation funds school scholarships, supports teaching and learning, has developed a leadership program and is growing rapidly throughout the community. The foundation’s goal is to be able to help over the 180,000 plus students who are within the Gwinnett Public County School System. The senior executive of the Gwinnett County public school system is Aaron C. Lupuloff.

Aaron Lupuloff is a longtime community advocate in Gwinnett County. Mr. Lupuloff is originally from Norcross and begin his community work at Norcross high school; in which he started a foundation for excellence. The Norcross High School Foundation supports academics, art, sports and provides immediate attention to parents and teachers in need. The foundation has been helping students and parents teachers for over two decades. Aaron C. Lupuloff has taken on many roles within the Norcross High School Foundation. He has sat as the President, Vice President and Treasurer. His experience working with the Norcross High School Foundation made him an expert and perfect candidate when it came to starting Gwinnett County Public School Foundation. The Gwinnett County Public School Foundation has small weekly meeting with your called whiteboard sessions. During these meetings all activist invited come together and brainstorm. Mr. Lupuloff believes It is important to ask everyone in the community for their opinion and not just focus on having individuals make a monetary donation. However, the majority of the money within the foundation goes towards funding scholarships for students who want to attend historically black colleges, some of the money goes toward paying for SAT testing and ACT testing. In some rare cases the foundation also pays for teachers to attend leadership conferences and robotic competitions.

According to, Mr. Lupuloff is also open about his entrepreneurial skills and business skills. He thinks that many people should look into becoming Angel Investors for middle school and high school students. The process is simple. People can reach out to individuals within their community, who have great ideas but they do not have the capital to fund the idea. For instance, he gives examples of individuals who goes on the television show “Shark Tank.” These individuals seek investments for a small percentage of their company.

Furthermore, Mr. Lupuloff’s daughter is well on her way to becoming a community activist and entrepreneur at such a young age. Mr. Aaron Lupuloff recently donated $500 to his daughter, Erika Lupuloff. Erika is a part of Georgia Tech’s “For the Kids” foundation and they raised over $322,000 for the Sibley Heart Institute At Children’s Hospital. We need more people like Mr.Lupuloff and his daughter all over the world.

American Addiction Centers: They Can See The Real Problem

Alcohol is something that does not discriminate when it comes to addiction. It doesn’t matter what someone’s nationality is, where they come from, what their gender is, or anything else, it is coming for them. After all, people can’t turn on the TV without seeing a number of beer commercials.

If someone goes to a BBQ, they can’t help but be surrounded by beer left and right. If someone has AUD (alcohol use disorder), this can be a temptation that is too hard to resist.

They see everyone else drinking, and they want to partake in it and have some fun. The problem is they are unable to just drink and have fun. They are going to go overboard with it. They don’t have an “off switch.”

For them, it is all or nothing. That is why the AAC (American Addiction Centers) is a true savior for those that are suffering from AUD. They can see the problem, and they know how to give someone help when it comes to dealing with it.

For them, they are all about giving them the knowledge they need to conquer it. They need to know why they keep relapsing, why they are compulsively drinking, and why it is so important to them. They need to know why it goes hand-in-hand with mental illness.

Since so many people are drinking to either forget or numb their pain, they have blocked out a good portion of their childhood. That is where it started when they saw mom and mom arguing while drinking. It was an unstable environment.

For so many people, they are haunted by the memories of their childhood. They can’t escape them. A lot of parents try to hide the alcohol around the house, as they know there is a natural temptation for a young boy or girl to want to try it out. Read more: American Addiction Centers Reviews | Glassdoor and American Addiction Centers Offers Insight Stages Alcohol | AliveNewsPaper

However, some people come from homes where it is not hidden. It is out in the open. When it is out in the open that is a major problem. They are going to experiment with it and try it out. For many, that is where it started. They had one sip, and the rest is history.

They might have had some tough things happen to them growing up, and it caused them to drink to just take away a moment of the pain. When they go to the AAC, they quickly realize is not the solution to the problem.

It might feel good in the moment, but it is causing long-term damage that is going to be hard to overcome. It is why they will need places like the AAC in the future. All of this will be explained to them through the AAC, and they will be there to make sure they destroy this awful disease.

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Jeunesse Global Honored As A Top Place To Work

There is a lot of competition to be among the top places to work in the direct sales industry. It is not uncommon for a battle to break out to try to claim that title. Recently, the good name of Jeunesse Global has been on the rise as they continue to win award after award for being a great place to work

The competition is hosted by Direct Selling News, and they conduct a comprehensive survey to try to find out what employees are saying about the places they work. The survey is anonymous so that the employees can feel at liberty to say what they want to say about their employers. The industry newspaper collects all of these responses and allows those employers that have had at least a minimum number of surveys returned compete for the award. They tally up what employees have said about their employers and end up declaring a winner. 


This year was the third time that Jeunesse Global has received the award. They credit it to the fact that they have installed a number of employee-friendly programs and policies to try to keep their workers as happy as they possibly can. You could easily say that there was no expense spared when it comes to getting Jeunesse Global workers to feel satisfied at work. They are given perks that are very rarely seen anywhere else such as unlimited PTO time and even the ability to use on-site yoga classes at their leisure. It may seem like a small thing, but these are the kinds of perks that many employees look forward to at their job. 

Direct sales is a competitive industry, and Jeunesse Global knows that they need to retain as much of the talent pool as they can in terms of people who come to work for them. Thus, they continue to expand the resources that are made available to all employees. They love the fact that this pays off with some recognition from an esteemed newspaper such as Direct Selling News, but the biggest reward for them is to stay a step ahead of the competition in terms of the talent that they bring in.

It Is Easy To See How Wes Edens Has Become So Successful In Sports Ownership When One Considers His Credentials:

Renowned investment professional and pro sports owner Wes Edens has had a lot of big career moments over the last thirty-plus years that he has been active in business and it all started with landing a position with Lehman Brothers after he completed his college degrees at Oregon State University. Joining the firm in 1987 was the start of a big career for Wes Edens and he has been pushing forward ever since. Along the way, he has made himself an impressive fortune that allows him to pursue his passions. One of those passions is an obsession with sports. This love of pro sports had subsequently led to Wes Edens purchasing the Milwaukee Bucks. He also just recently acquired the Aston Villa Football Club of England. Find out more about Wes Edens at

Wes had a successful tenure working in several key roles with Lehman Brothers. This included serving as a partner with the firm. He also worked for Blackrock for a time but his professional destiny eventually led him to a three-way partnership with Rob Kauffman and Randal Nardone. This partnership became known as Fortress Investment Group and it is one of the defining moments for the career of Wes Edens. Fortress Investment Group quickly ascended to the position of a leading firm in the world of alternative investment management. The firm’s two-plus decades of success recently culminated with its recent acquisition by SoftBank. The Japanese mega-company was excited about the opportun9ity to acquire Fortress. A major part of the deal was the fact that the key leaders at Fortress have remained in place.

These are the kinds of professional successes that have allowed for Wes Edens to jump into a true passion of his. This is the world of professional sports. In 2014, he purchased the Bucks basketball team. He has been working hard to build up the team’s strengths and the results have been impressive. His success in this area has led to the recent purchase of England’s Aston Villa soccer team. Wes is now endeavoring to build Aston Villa into a team that can earn entry into the prestigious Premier League. He plans to utilize the same kind of dedication that he has put into the Bucks in working toward this goal.

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Barbara Stokes Is A Respectful Woman

Barbara Stokes is a great leader. She is the head of the GSF relief fund that helps those that were affected by disasters. She leads a team of professionals, that are motivated by her to do well. They work as team to complete awesome work that is meaningful and rewarding. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

Barbara Stokes is also a great person in her personal life. She is a volunteer that helps others on a regular basis. They do well from Barbara Stokes, because she gives of her time freely. Her three children are also patented very well, and they love her dearly.


The future for Barbara Stokes is going to be a great one that is filled with many opportunities that will lead to successes. She will constantly strive to do more and better things as the years proceed. Other people will always be happy for her as she adds more accomplishments to her already filled resume. Making inroads into the future will give her eben more reason to be grateful for all that she has and will do. Giving back to society is so important to her, and she will do so in a great way. Read more at Business Insider.

Matt Badiali and Banyan Hill Publishing

Apart from the active investing activity, Matt Badiali is recognized for the financial guide created with Banyan Hill Publishing. This article treats exclusively the contributions made in his newsletter.

How Matt Badiali establishes his knowledge

As the creator of Real Wealth Strategist, Badiali prefers the active investor approach to validate his moves. He has traveled to Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey, Irak, Hong Kong, Haiti, and Papua New Guinea to examine his investments in person.

As his first principle, always understand the target market. That is possible either by mastering the topic or supervising the companies that work with you.

The training in finance has helped Matt Badiali to uncover massively profitable stocks such as Fronteer Gold, Petrobras, MAG Silver, or Silver Wheaton.

Matt’s philosophy is following the right steps to get the best results, which is where came the idea of Real wealth Strategist.

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About the Real Wealth Strategist

In a first preview of the site, you will find substantial value in every piece of content. The website is easy to read and presents a lot of unique features.

Monthly newsletters: Here is the main reason why most subscribers enjoy the newsletter. Every month, they receive in-detail information about the last financial innovations and activity of Matt Badiali, sharing his experience and opportunities. The author covers the most frequent topics asked by many investors, giving them practical tools to solve problems.

Matt Badiali Model Portfolio: Matt’s followers will see in real-time his history of stocks purchased and sold, justifying transactions. For those investors who want to operate themselves, this data can orientate better to maximize profits.

Trading Alerts: Whenever an important update happens, Badiali will send an urgent email communicating the special event (both purchase and selling opportunities)

Weekly Podcast: His podcasts consist of 20 minutes where Matt recaps and answers the most concerning weekly topics. Here, Badiali responds to frequent questions and gives updates about the natural resource market.

Expert Interview: If Matt wants to deliver the best content to the community, he has to be continuously learning from better investors. When he interviews CEOs, readers can learn from the experts of the industry. Read:

Ted Bauman Giving Lessons on Asset Protection

Financial expert Ted Bauman has some advice for people who are trying to truly protect their assets. He states it would be beneficial to keep a portion of you wealth in a secure safe deposit box at a bank or in a foreign vault. These are measures that can be taken to protect a portion of your assets if a disaster occurs. What makes Ted Bauman an expert in giving this advice is his experience. Ted Baumans entire career has been helping individuals to protect their resources. So this is why investors always listen to the advice that he gives because he is proven. Ted Bauman has a very diverse background and this includes working on an international level. He is an economist by trade and spent many years working in South Africa before returning back to the states. In South Africa he held many different leadership positions and executive roles for hedge funds, non profit companies, and low cost housing projects. Follow Ted Bauman at

Ted Bauman returned to the states in 2008. When he returned to the states he decided to set up his homestead here in Atlanta, Georgia. Once he returned he had already had a mindset on creating his own company and newsletters to educate investors on every level. He then went on to join Banyan Hill Publishing. He is not just a writer for the company but he is also an editor for Banyan Hill Publishing as well. There are three financial newsletters that Mr. Bauman has published by Banyan Hill and they are Alpha Stock Alert, Plan B Club, and The Bauman Letter. All these newsletters are excellent and provide great invest information but most investors and readers gravitate toward The Bauman Letter. The Bauman letter is not just the most successful financial newsletter for Ted Bauman but it the best letter that Banyan Hill Publishes. What makes it the best is because it has the most subscribers than any news letter that is begin Published by Banyan Hill.

Mr. Bauman is an expert in what he does and it is proven by his work history and the results all his readers get who follow his advice that he provides in his financial newsletter. The most impressive thing is having the number one financial newsletter with a huge publishing company like Banyan Hill speaks volumes about the content and the proven information that he provides in The Bauman Letter. Read: