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Shaq O’Neal And Boraie Development’s Commitment to Revive New Jersey’s Real Estate Industry

Some parts of New Jersey like New Brunswick and Newark have the suffered the brunt of the real estate industry downturn. In these parts of the state, the real estate market took a nose dive long before the real estate market crash and has experienced minimal to no residential real estate activity in over half a century. But Shaq O’Neal believes that he can revive his industry in his hometown.

The NBA star hopes to achieve this partnering with the states most successful real estate company, Boraie Development. The two have already initiated two luxurious residential properties with the aim of drawing investors into Newark and New Brunswick’s untapped real estate potential.

Starting with One Rector Street condominiums

Their first step in this mission was committing personal resources in developing a $79million luxurious apartment complex on One Rector Street. Designed and developed by Boraie Development, the 168-unit apartment has already been dubbed Shaq Towers seeing that it will be the tallest residential property in the city. Its appeal to Newark, however, extends far beyond its unique design to the fact that it will be the first big residential project to tear up the city’s skyline in over five decades.

During the tower’s ground-breaking ceremony, Shaq O’Neal confirmed that he will also be taking an apartment within the building. To back up his argument about reviving the city’s real estate industry, Shaq added that upon the completion of One Rector Street apartments, he, together with Boraie, will committing additional $150 million towards the establishment of yet another 350-unit complex in the city.

Tagging New Brunswick along with The Aspire

Boraie Development company hopes to march Shaq O’Neal’s commitment to Newark by initiating a similar project in New Brunswick. Here the company set up the biggest and most luxurious mixed-use property yet that, like Shaq Towers, dominates the city’s skyline. The tower’s most prominent features are 238 residential units and 10,000 Square feet of retail space.

The apartment is built in the heart of the city center and in close proximity to the best that New Brunswick has to offer. These include easy access to hotels and entertainment joints as well as few minutes from the City’s train station. The apartment is designed to accommodate a complete work, rest, and play environment and features a gym and exercise areas, ergonomic apartment layouts and high-speed internet services. The Wasseem Boraie owned company adds that the apartment’s outdoor service area at the rooftop will feature a garden and BBQ space.

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After Over 100 Years, The Midwest Is Still Home To OSI Group

OSI Group is known as one of the largest producers and distributors of food products in the nation. They have production facilities in over 18 countries worldwide. The company has over 20,000 employees. They distribute to the retail sector and to the food services industry.

The origins of the company, beginning as a humble neighborhood shop and growing into a multinational corporation, is a story that few people know today. The founder of the company was a German businessman named Otto Kolschowsky. Otto was an immigrant who came to the United States in the early 1900s. He settled in a suburb of Chicago that was a highly populated German community at the time. Only two years after arriving in the states, Otto opened a neighborhood butcher shop. Years later, his sons Harry and Arthur joined him in the family business. The name of OSI Group would come to be several decades later.

From day one over 100 years ago, Otto took pride in offering only the finest quality meat available to his local customers in Oak Park, IL. In the mid 1950s, Arthur and Harry Kolschowsky met a then unknown man named Ray Kroc. Ray was opening a restaurant nearby, and the Kolschowsky business would become his meat distributor. A short time later, Ray Kroc was to become the CEO of the McDonald’s food chain. The brothers were then the primary ground beef supplier to McDonald’s restaurants across the nation.

Changes in technologies the years made it possible for the company to offer end user food solutions to the fast food industry. Ground beef was sold as pre-made, consistently sized hamburger patties. Chicken was made available as strips and nuggets, and pork was supplied as pre-cut bacon strips, sausage patties and hotdogs. The use of cutting-edge technology helped the small company emerge into OSI Group is today, that is a multi-national supplier to many of the fast food chains in existence today.

The company is privately-held, and it remains true to its midwestern values, its Illinois roots, and Otto’s high standards. The headquarters of OSI Group are located in Aurora.


Rebel Wilson: Nothing but Success

Rebel Wilson is probably one of the most well-known comedians today – and it’s clearly because of her very unique personality and her out of this world sense of humor. Her childhood spent in Australia and her modern take on American humor has been bought by the audience and has surmounted to her career’s success.

Rebel Wilson is an all-around package, which sets her apart from other actresses in Hollywood. She acts, dances, sings and she’s an expert in making people laugh – how can you compete with that?

Rebel Wilson was most popular for her supporting role in the Pitch Perfect franchise – but now she was rewarded with a main role in a major Hollywood Film: Isn’t It Romantic. In this movie she co-stars with another Hollywood superstar, Liam Hemsworth, and it is the first movie where she plays the lead role. Isn’t It Romantic is a romantic-comedy film that is set to release on February 2019. Rebel Wilson’s fanbase is nothing but excited for another sure-success movie by the Australian bombshell. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

Now, Rebel Wilson isn’t just a successful 30-something-year old woman, she also stands for causes like feminism and body positivity. Rebel Wilson is actually just a regular person like any other, maybe that’s why she is so easy to relate with and people just fall in love with her so quickly.

Rebel Wilson: Her Love for Food and Diet

Rebel Wilson is known for being on the heavier side of the spectrum – but this doesn’t bother her one bit. But of course, being in the presence of the public eye, and in the presence of the media of Hollywood – she has taken eating more healthily and exercising more often into consideration.

Rebel Wilson says that she has been trying to eat and consume more green food, she’s been trying the green juice cleanse and trying gluten-free food.

Not only for her public image, but also for health reasons. Though, she doesn’t take it too seriously – she still consumes guilty pleasures like ice cream, but not on a regular basis. Rebel Wilson just rewards herself with sinful food when there are really good days where she celebrates success, or really bad ones when she needs a pick me up.

Rebel Wilson: Body Positivity

Rebel Wilson is the kind of person who couldn’t care less on what she looks like; she has always love the skin that she is in, and she admires all shapes and sizes – she says that your body does not define how beautiful you are as a person.

This is why Rebel Wilson has also launched her own clothing line that celebrates every single body shape and size. Rebel Wilson is now a representation of what it likes to be completely body positive, a beacon of self-love and a champion for women everywhere.

DHerbs Full Body Cleanse: An Account On The Steve Harvey Show

Losing weight can be a tough endeavor. Everyone knows that working out and watching what we eat are the main ingredients for a successful weight loss. Once the goal is met it’s also about maintaining the results as well. Read more reviews about Dherbs at


As indicated, body cleansing is a method to help us lose the weight and maintain it by cleansing. We take a look at DHerbs Full Body Cleanse on This twenty-day regime “naturally cleanses the body to aid in weight management.” Ginkgo leaf, bitter melon fruit, rosemary herb, eucalyptus leaf, cranberry fruit, and black pepper are only a few named natural ingredients found in the product. Directions indicate to take with a full glass of water and at intervals according to the instructional booklet included.

Steve Harvey Show

In a youtube video, we watch an account of a consumer who has tried out DHerbs Cleansing regimen. In it, she states she lost a total of forty pounds using the amazing product. Before being greeted by Steve Harvey, a picture of the consumer before using the product splashes the screen. Moments later, she appears from behind the stage and the results are in. She is unrecognizable from the weight loss. Comparing her picture before to what she looks like now, displays the product’s effectiveness. She goes on to say that she feels amazing. She states that she had low confidence before trying out the Dherbs Cleanse. After seeing the results from the product, she now feels confident and says the product gave her “sexy back.” The video continues to convey how beneficial it is to use the product and about how easy it is to use. Steve Harvey attest that he, too, used the product and lost eighteen pounds.

To learn more about DHerbs Fully Body Cleanse and other products by DHerbs please visit their website at You will find that they have many cleansing products, herbal supplements, and even recipes to stay in shape and feel good while doing so.

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The Chainsmokers and Halsey Shine Like Diamonds with Single ‘Closer’

New York-based DJs Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart earned fame as EDM superstars, the Chainsmokers. But their biggest achievement comes with the success of just one song. After two years of dominating the Billboard’s charts, “Closer,” featuring pop star Hasley, has reached 10 million sales and is diamond-certified, a testament the duo’s popularity.

The constant play from fans was responsible for this achievement, so it made sense that they’d be first to hear the news on Instagram. Hasley and the Chainsmokers went online to inform their followers of “Closer’s” success while showing off the official plaques that celebrates the number of sales.

When it debuted near the end of summer 2016, “Closer” reached the very top of Billboard’s Hot 100, and it had no challenger for quite some time. Similarly, it ranked #1 on the Dance and Electronic chart and held on for years before being replaced just a few months ago by “The Middle.” The staying power of one single was a tell that the Chainsmokers had entered a new stage of popularity. They weren’t just the hot new twosome in EDM circles, they were now capable of reaching out across genres and climb mainstream charts. After a dozen times at the top, “Closer” is the fourth all-time hit single ever ranked by Billboard’s.

“Stressed Out” by Twenty One Pilots has since replaced “Closer,” but the single’s popularity hasn’t faltered much. It even took an emerging musical act and showed that Hasley had the talent to make it as a pop star with a bright future. This was made abundantly clear when “Closer” brought Grammy nominations in 2017 for the Chainsmokers and Hasley.

The Chainsmokers remain a musical act that is constantly talked about, but the last time “Closer” was in the press was in March of last year. After hitting platinum for the seventh time, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) made it official to the public. And while the plaques are in the hands of the three musicians, the RIAA has yet to reflect the diamond certification on their website, something that will be addressed before long.

Gulf Coast Western Company

Origin and services

The Gulf Coast Western is a privately owned company based in Dallas, USA. It specializes in acquiring domestic oil and gas products from the Gulf coast western region. The company has about one hundred employees who put much effort to improve the services in oil and gas reserves company. The current CEO to the company is Matthew Fleeger who`s also the director and the president. Fleeger has gained plenty of experience in the oil and gas industry as he has worked as a leader in various oil and gas related industries. He studied at Southern Methodist University in different departments such as finance and sales marketing.

Gulf Coast Western Company has been in services from 1970 their capital being in Dallas with other operative branches in Colorado, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. The primary goal of the company is to explore oil and gas products in at least a thousand acres of land and expand its services all over the USA by releasing more oil and gas products from the affluent areas. The company acts as a managing venture to the partnership with oil and gas products. This idea will succeed after considering the geological and geophysical factors, and ensuring that the selected area meet the intended criteria which will contribute to the success of their partners financially.

The company aims at maintaining an open and transparent relationship through honesty and integrity to their accredited partners who in return gain trust and respect for the company. This openness has always been the contributing factor to the company’s success. The company has been involved in giving back to the community through its supports Humanitarian Aid Organizations such as “the Family Place,” “smile train,” and “the Parish Episcopal school” which are concerned in raising the well-being and the health status of the society.

Matthew Fleeger: CEO Of Gulf Coast Western

Matthew Fleeger currently resides as the Chief Executive Officer for Gulf Coast Western, an oil and gas company, and he has a history of executive positions at various other companies in the corporate sector. As President of Gulf Coast Western, Matthew is tasked with overseeing the daily operations and projecting new company growth. Matthew Fleeger has always been running Gulf Coast Western, his father originally found the company back in 1970 and it has since become a huge success in the oil market across the country. Matthew was able to get quite a bit of experience while he was young because his father was invested in the oil industry. Matthew was fond of the financial aspects of business and he decided to go to university and earn his own business degree to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Matthew also started up his very own company after acquiring the necessary experience and degree known as MedSolutions Incorporated. This company was focused on transportation, treatment, and disposal of medical waste. Despite being Matthew’s first startup, MedSolutions had a great management team and was successful for many years, which is when Matthew sold off the company for more than 50 million dollars. After this success, Matthew rejoined the family business in oil at Gulf Coast Western and he took over as the company CEO to bring new growth moving forward.

Under Matthew’s leadership, Gulf Coast Western has become a noteworthy contender in the natural resources market for oil and gas acquisition as well as exploration. Matthew’s company already operates around the nation in more than a dozen different states, including Texas, Mississippi, and Colorado. Despite this, Matthew Fleeger is a go-getter executive and he is pushing forward for new expansions. With more drilling projects on the way, Gulf Coast Western will be growing over the next several years.

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What TMS Health Solutions Offers Bay Area Residents

Antidepressants surprisingly don’t work for more than 40 percent of people who have Major Depressive Disorder, also known as clinical depression. People who live in the greater San Francisco area now have an option to have their clinical depression treated in an alternative way that is safe and easily accessible.

TMS Health Solutions is a healthcare firm that treats treatment-resistant forms of Major Depressive Disorder. Their patients have access to Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation which has been cleared for use by the FDA and is non-invasive. Over the course of several visits, they sit comfortably in a chair while a medical device sends magnetic waves into their head, triggering a specific part of the brain that is associated with clinical depression.

Richard Bermudes, MD, is the founder and chief medical officer of this firm. He has also been the president of the Clinical TMS Society. He has been a psychiatrist for more than 20 years and established TMS Health Solutions in 2007. He also has experience as a researcher and professor and has studied TMS therapy for years. Among the books he has written is, “Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: Clinical Adaptions for Psychiatric Practice”.

Currently, TMS Solutions has six clinics in the Bay Area. They are planning to have 25 clinics across Northern California within the next few years. Their leaders are nationally recognized experts in clinical depression, TMS, and offer mental health care that is built upon compassion and offering a comprehensive approach.


Due to this firm’s practice model they can offer their patients flexibility when it comes to scheduling TMS sessions. Another benefit of the approach at TMS Health Solutions is that the people working there can take care of their own mental health as this firm offers a reasonable work-life balance so that their employees can enjoy their activities, friends, and family outside of the workplace. They also encourage an entrepreneurial spirit among the executive and staff members and support actively researching new therapies for their patients.

Neurocore: Treating Mental Patients Using Advanced Technology

For every human being, the brain has so many benefits. This is the only organ that is resilient and at the same time adaptable to the many things taking place around us. The brain serves as the center of each and every thought, behavior and perception of every human being. The emotions shown by the people are created in the brain. Scientists have been able to discover that the brain has billions of neurons that are very small, and these are responsible for the signals that are sent to the other organs in the body. Although the brain might not be visible, it has a paramount role, and without it, it is not possible to have a normal life. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

When this part of the body has any problem, an individual has to undergo treatment before they can lose control of their live. There are many clinics that have been set in different parts of the world, with the primary aim of ensuring that people with mental illnesses can be treated in the best way possible. Although medical doctors have been conducting research and coming up with all forms of treatments for mental patients, very few have the courage to speak about the problem and get treatment before the matter gets out of hand. Medical conditions such as depression and ADHD are very common in the modern times. With the cost of living going up, many find themselves in hard situations, and this might lead to depression and other forms of mental disorders.


Neurocore is a top healthcare facility that was founded with a special mission in the lives of the people who need any special mental care. Based in the United States, this institution has managed to discover some of the most advanced ways of dealing with various forms of mental challenges. The healthcare professionals in this company have a lot of knowledge in mental healthcare, and they have been practicing for a very long time. Neurocore experts have realized that with the modern technology, it is easy for the mental patients to access medical attention easily and get back to their feet. Neurocore has been recognized over the years because of the progress it has been making in the lives of patients. Young children who have ADHD have received treatment from this center, and they are doing well. Read more about Neurocore at

Steve Ritchie is Working to Move Papa John’s Pizza Forward

Steve Ritchie, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Papa John’s Pizza, is taking major strides S to right a ship that has listed and taking on water. It is a necessary step to right a wrong and begin to rebuild trust and confidence with the consumers and the public in general. The company is based on a team effort with more than 120,000 franchise and corporate members based worldwide. The individual pizza shops work with n the community to serve the best pizza they can turn put and help to support the community and neighborhoods with employment opportunities.

The company has taken steps to identify it’s strengths and weakness and to look into the culture of the company along with practices of inclusion and diversity. The management of the company will also be visiting some of their locations and procuring feedback from its team members to help them all move forward from the matter at hand. Steve Ritchie has also taken the time to thank it’s Customers for their support over the years and allowing them all the honor the f serving this pizza needs.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s has publicly acknowledged Papa John’s Pizza is successful because of the support of its customers. As Ritchie April his d to its customers, he demonstrated great empathy for happened and the offensive nature the founder displayed. He also reiterated that each time individual restaurant is an integral part of the neighborhood and community where they operate and they are hard working member S of the community. The restaurant, as well as the company supports youth sports programs, school and scouting programs.

In addition to apologizing to its customers, Steve Ritchie outlined the actions the company would be taking to right the wrongs whether real or perceived. Ritchie assured everyone that he would be leading the he corrective action effort to help the company regain trust and confidence once again. It is important for the company to take the necessary steps to begin and complete the healing process in order for the company to move on in a positive direction. Steve Ritchie has vowed to be accountable for the events of the past and to always pursue the path of accountability in the future. Connect with Papa John’s on Twitter.