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Just Who Is Sameer Jejurikar

Sameer Jejurikar, M.D., has helped to reshape cosmetic surgery in America. This phenomenal cosmetic surgeon is well-trained and is well-educated. Thanks to being so educated in this advanced field of work, he has been able to build a rock-solid resume that consists of many certifications. Dr. Jejurikar is licensed in plastic surgery by a number of states, including Michigan, New York and Texas. He is a graduate of the University of Medical School, and he has been working in this demanding field for close to 21 years.

So, where does this plastic surgeon work? The answer to this question is rather simple because all it takes is a quick Google search. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar works in Dallas, Texas at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. This fine facility is high-profile, and it’s one of the top medical-aesthetics facilities in town. “I have a passion for my job,” said Jejurikar. He has definitely earned his stripes in a sense. “All plastic surgeons work hard to receive success in this industry, but not all plastic surgeons love the craft of plastic surgery,” said Jejurikar. This notion rings true on so many levels because some plastic surgeons do terrible work. This has never been an issue with Dr. Jejurikar. He has put in the time and effort to reach this high level of success.

The city of Dallas, and its surrounding municipalities is booming with activity. If you’ve been to this metropolitan area, then you’ve probably noticed all of the medical facilities down here. Dr. Jejurikar has been residing here for over nine years. He has stated that “Dallas is the epitome of Texas thanks to its wonderful Tex-Mex and great barbeque.” This friendly and humorous personality are definitely some of the reasons to why he has become so well-liked as well as admired.

Jacob Gottlieb Is Back In Business As An Entrepreneur

Jacob Gottlieb is back in business as an entrepreneur. He is happy to be working with his old friend Stuart Weisbrod. Weisbrod and Gottlieb met when they were both at Merlin Biomed Group, which is a company that Weisbrod co-founded. Jacob worked as a portfolio manager for Weisbrod in 2000. He gives Weisbrod the credit for providing him with his management style in business. Gottlieb learned a great deal from Stuart. He did great things for Merlin and brought several high-profile clients to the company before it closed for business in 2007.

Jacob Gottlieb moved on to other successful ventures. He launched Visium Asset Management with a 300 million dollar investment. The company grew very rapidly. Soon it was worth 2.5 billion dollars. Visium sustained success and even broke ground during the 2008 financial crisis to become an 8 billion dollar hedge fund. The company had over 200 employees with offices in London, New York and San Francisco.

Visium Asset Management would run into serious adversity when its top executives were accused of insider trading. The FBI was tipped off by an informant working on the inside of the organization. They immediately began an investigation and brought charges to members of company.

Jacob Gottlieb was never charged of any unethical practices. He remained with Visium as its CEO to wind down the company. He also dedicated himself to returning funds to investors. Visium remains under the watchful eye of the SEC.

Jacob Gottlieb is currently setting up his next business venture. He has founded Altium Capital Altium Capital will be a hedge fund that focuses on investing in healthcare systems. Gottlieb is getting back to his area of expertise. The company already has a stake in Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc, which is a cutting-edge healthcare provider that will save millions of lives in the future.

Winning Two Adsphere Awards is a Great Achievement for U.S. Money Reserve

There is nothing good and more rewarding for any company in the world than to be recognized for the good work it has been undertaking. Being awarded for good work done does not come easy.

A company has to travail in the competitive business sector and overcome any obstacles in its way. More so, it should be able to satisfy the needs of its large clientele base. U.S Reserve winning two AdSphere awards is a fate many companies dream of each day.

The United States Money Reserve is the leading distributor of states issued Gold, Silver and platinum coins and it is located in Austin, Texas. It was established by individuals who recognized the necessity of blending quality customer care services, gold market experience and exceptional professional guidance essential in buying most precious metals in the world.

US Money Reserve has grown over the years to become one of the top-notch U.S Government issued precious metal dealers. Customers have also trusted the organization for guiding them choose quality and valuable coins in the competitive market.

Many clients who have depended on the company are these days in a position to invest without any qualms. The company can also attribute its success in its endeavors to its extensive team of qualified and experienced staffs.

Besides professionalism embraced in U.S Money Reserve, the company can also attribute its success to its product distribution and especially Gold among other precious metals. It is no surprise that the company has gone on to win two AdSphere awards in 2018. This is a feat U.S Money Reserve also received in the year 2017. This is an award that acknowledges the top-rated network cable supporters and the biggest brands in the DRTV (Direct Response Television) industry.

It was a great honor for U.S Reserve to receive the award for the second year running and Angel Koch, the CEO of the company was grateful on behalf of her entire team. She went on to express her gratitude by saying that it is rightly an honor to receive the AdSphere Award for the second year.

She made it clear that this achievement depicts the great talents in media and marketing that the company has trusted in its undertakings and invested in. Connect with US Reserve on LinkedIn

It has also been a memorable period for U.S Money Reserve, as the award comes at the right moment after the company was recognized by The Perth Mint as the top-rated United States distributor of precious metals in the world. Indeed, it is a great recognition that will benefit the company in its undertakings and in many ways in the near future.

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Felipe Jens Montoro Shares the Sentiments of IDB Governors

Argentina was the latest host of the IDB special meeting. A lot was shared by the governors of the bank during then March 24th meeting. Top on the agenda was the shift being experienced in infrastructure projects in Latin America. More and more private entities were putting in money to support these projects. Felipe Jens Montoro who has worked extensively on infrastructure projects was on hand to file a report.

Dyogo Oliveira, one of the speakers was keen to put his weight behind the new development. He suggested that the bank should support studies that would help them make the most of the investments. Most infrastructure projects come along with a ton of challenges and risks. The studies would help alleviate these risks or get rid of them altogether. Read this article at about Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Jens Montoro further reported on the industry revolution that was in the offing. Dyogo Oliveira felt that infrastructural investments would serve as proper preparation for the revolution. Luis Alberto Moreno, the bank’s president, could not agree more. Once the Latin American countries were well connected they would be good to go.

He noted the progress that the bank had taken in running its operations. More women were involved in the decision making organs. The implications of their projects on the environment were also put into consideration. Moreno felt that the bank could build on this as they advanced their agenda.

The report also mentioned that Brazil’s Planning Minister talked about financial mechanisms that would serve as guarantees. Luis Caputo, Argentina’s Finance Minister, read from the same page as Dyogo Oliveira. Spain’s representative appreciated the fact that the region had a dynamic market according to the report by Felipe Jens Montoro. He pointed out the intentions that his nation had on investing in the region.

Public-private partnerships had become the order of the day in Brazil. Felipe Jens Montoro noted that no law had been flawed when the partnerships were made. The $360 billion that exchanged hands thanks to the partnerships was still not enough to take care of all the projects according to Oliveira. Visit:


The Many Talents Of Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian has been in the healthcare industry for a number of decades and sits on a few boards across the Bar Area. He is also known to be a successful entrepreneur. Ara has launched several business ventures that combine the advances in healthcare and technology for more beneficial results. He and his partner have recently looked in a new device-based treatment that is called transcranial magnetic stimulation. The treatment is used for patients experiencing depression.


Ara Chackerian and his partner decided to embark on research into this technology was because the two saw the level of potential that TMS had to become what Ara described as the third pillar of psychiatric care. The intended results or the treatment were phenomenal when it came to treating patients that were suffering from major depression. This is what led Ara and his partner to be more aware of and give more access to the treatment. You can visit his page.


Ara Chackerian wrote an article that discussed the many issues that are currently surrounding the topic of suicide in our modern society. For Ara, the topic of suicide seems to be overshadowed by the other more common topics of school shootings and cancer prevention. Ara believes that more awareness need to be had when it comes to suicide because of the staggering number of people that are affected by it. About 45,000 people die from suicide in the United States alone. This does not even account for the level of suffering that the families are left with.


The lack of awareness on the topic of suicide could be because it is a socially taboo topic. Not very many people would be willing to talk about it due to the level of vulnerability that is required. Revealing suicidal thoughts or tendencies could also reveal the underlying depression, which is another reason that many refuse to bring up the sensitive subject. The family, friends and loved ones of people that have committed suicide are left with feelings of guilt and shame. When a person decides to commit suicide it affects everyone that knows them and ultimately causes a ripple effect.



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Equestrian And Business Owner, Milan Kordestani Is Still A Teenager

Milan Kordestani has impressive talents for such a young person and has drawn a lot of attention throughout the country from his hometown of Stanford. He has founded Milan Farms to bring light on the safety and health of agriculture as well as many other subjects to make improvements to the world for everyone. As an equestrian that has won various awards already, he is quite far ahead of his peers that are only just beginning to start focusing on what they will do for a career. Milan Kordestani is just a teen but already an accomplished business owner and published author.

Ever since he was young, Milan Kordestani was showing off his talents and his desire to succeed. By the age of 10, Milan attended Phillips Brooks Elementary in England before returning to California due to his parent’s divorce. During this time, Milan Kordestani began taking horse riding lessons and this is when he was noticed for being an equestrian, calming both a horse and himself after being thrown to the ground. Milan has shown his exceptional natural talent and desire to perform hard work to do good things.

As a horse rider, Milan has placed fourth and second at the World Championship Horse Show as well as won the triple crown first leg back in 2015. Perhaps what is most impressive about his accomplishments in horse riding is the fact that he has done it alongside starting up and managing a business as well as finishing out his schooling.

Milan was still only in his second year of high school when he first founded Milan Farms and he has still managed to successfully expand the company dramatically over the past three years. Milan has brought his own innovations to the industry as well, being the first and only farmer out there to grow pure saffron hydroponically. Milan is also constantly working to improve the environmental aspects of Milan Farms, experimenting with safer and cleaner cleanup methods.


Brian Torchin Tackles Medical Staffing Problems Head-On

The American healthcare system is among the most dynamic sectors in the country. More and more innovations continue to see the light of day. These changes have greatly improved the services that patients receive. They have however given medical boards a hard time when it comes to staffing their hospitals. Brian Torchin saw this problem and sought a way of taking care of it.

He acknowledged that nurses were in high demand and that hospitals spent a huge amount of their budget on hiring caregivers. The demand was bound to go as high as most of the caregivers were approaching their retirement age. He set up Health Care Recruitment Counselors to help tackle the looming crisis. View CNN iReport about Brian Torchin

His company works round the clock to ensure that caregiving positions do not lie vacant for more than 72 hours. The formative months of HCRC were largely successful. It interviewed and brought on board a good number of top-notch workers in slightly more than 48 hours.

Brian Torchin understands that more than just filling posts, the candidates should provide good value to their employer. He has made a point of getting to understand the preferences and needs of hospitals clearly. Potential candidates can then be weighed effectively against this. Their education and skills will determine whether they will make the cut. Emphasis is also placed on their attitude as well as prior experience.

His background as a chiropractor set the stage for his business. He was in charge of his clinic for a good number of years and gained the relevant experience in recruitment in the health care system. Brian Torchin has over the years developed a database that helps him provide tailor-made solutions for his clients. He banks on a highly qualified team of experts to make this possible.

Other than the US, HCRC offers its services in some parts of Europe, Australia as well as Asia. This attests to the great success that he has achieved. Private doctors, hospitals, and healthcare companies can all get their vacant positions filled by HCRC.

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How Organo Gold’s Business Structure Works

A lot of people who try Organo Golds products wonder what this Canadian company is all about. They offer coffees, teas, health supplements, and a line of body management products named OGX. Some people decide after sampling this coffee that they’d like to become an independent distributor of this company’s product. Read the reviews at

First, Organo Gold was founded in 2008. Their products are sold through independent distributors who receive commissions for what they sell. They offer premium products and they sell almost 1% of the world’s coffee each year. Because their products contain Ganoderma Lucidum in a powdered form they have antioxidant properties and boost the immune system. Organo Gold products are meant to taste great, give people energy, and help people live a healthy lifestyle.

Over the course of the past decade Organo Gold has grown into a global brand. Their products are available through a direct marketing system and the independent distributors can sponsor people who also want to pursue this business opportunity. They earn money through product sales and get to drink Organo Gold’s beneficial products themselves.


The three values that Organo Gold is built around are parity, edification, and loyalty. The founder and Chief Executive Officer Bernardo Chua built a culture at his company that embraces unity and treating people like they are family. Everyone is treated with a spirit of equality and without judgment. The independent distributors receive ongoing training and they are encouraged to approach their business with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Organo Gold products are sold exclusively to consumers. They cannot be found in grocery stores or coffeehouses. Bernardo Chua has been in both the beverage industry and the direct marketing industry for many years. He was largely responsible for introducing Ganoderma to Western audiences. His leadership has led to his company being one of the fastest growing ones in his industry. Visit Bizfluent to know more about Organo Gold.

Career Achievements Of Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme Paulus is responsible for the notable developments in the tourism sector in Brazil today. He is a great entrepreneur and he has over the recent years exercised impeccable leadership skills.

Paulus has been serving in the tourism industry for over 25 years through which he has perfected his skills in the sector. Through his ventures, Guilherme seeks to levitate the lives of other people with an aim of improving their living standards through the provision of job opportunities. He seeks to bring prosperity to his local community and he has already achieved his dreams through his notable efforts.

Guilherme is the owner of the CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A that runs prominent resorts and hotels in the country. He is always at the heart of many tourists in the country as he provides a connection through the countries beautiful assets by offering them great services. Guilherme Paulus has always been passionate about venturing in the tourism sector and as a result, he started his career at a tender age of 24. He has learned a lot in the sector over the recent years and today, he is an inspiration to many people that are passionate about being entrepreneurs. His successes have been attributed to his major commitment and dedication towards delivering the best. He has acquired fame in his career and he is never afraid to take risks. He recently invested over R$600 million in the tourism and hospitality sector with an aim of improving the country’s economy as well as the lives of other people through the creation of opportunities.

The contributions of Guilherme Paulus have seen him receive a lot of accreditation from a significant number of people. He was recently The Entrepreneur of The Year in 2017 by the Istoe Dinheiro magazine, through the article that they published. His achievements have seen him gain more passion in his field of specialization and he continues to adopt innovation in the course of his business operations. Besides, Guilherme Paulus is not afraid to take risks and he has over the recent years tried to venture into new opportunities with an aim of achieving success.

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The Type Of People Bumble By Whitney Wolfe Wouldn’t Work For

People pairing up on Bumble. One of the biggest advantages that Bumble has is that it allows the women to make the first move. Therefore, more men and women are having a shot at finding the type of date they want. However, not everyone that uses Bumble is going to be successful at finding a date.

Whitney Wolfe has made something innovative with the site. At the same time, she has made it a point to empower women. Therefore, women who are associated with Bumble are going to have more self respect. Therefore, there are a few types of people that Bumble won’t work for.

One thing that Bumble is not going to work for are men and women who do not take pride in themselves. The slovenly man who shows his sloppy side on Bumble is going to have a hard time getting dates. For one thing, it shows that he does not care about himself. Therefore, none of the women can be expected to care about the man. Instead, it is better for someone to put his better pictures up. One thing that can help is showing himself at his sharpest. Then showing himself being involved in some activities.

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There are plenty of other types that the app developed by Whitney Wolfe is not going to work well for. These are often the people who show some behavioral issues that are off putting to women. Whitney Wolfe, herself has made sure that she put her best foot forward when it came to dating and relationships. Whitney Wolfe understands that men are not going to be paying any attention to a woman who does not do anything for herself. With the pride she has taken in herself, she has gained the love of Michael Herd and is enjoying a marriage as of right now.