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Ted Bauman Knows What Aspiring Investors Need To Know And Is Willing To Deliver Just That

Ted Bauman has been working hard for the majority of his life to connect people with the resources and information they need to live a happier and more financially secure life. He moved to South Africa when he was a younger man and studied at the University of Cape Town where he received degrees in economics and history. Bauman served as a fund manager for many different nonprofits in South Africa and was able to help millions of people in the process. A little over a decade ago he moved back to the United States and became the director of international programs.

Today, Ted Bauman serves as the editor of Plan B Club, The Bauman Letter, and Alpha Stock Alert. He also created “Smart Money,” which is a weekly stock trading service that is a great help to many investors. He has found that his knowledge of the finance industry as well as economics has helped him to reach people in a meaningful way. He admits that he was a bit of a slow starter in the beginning when he got to work with Banyan Hill as an editor of multiple newsletters but that he now understands how to create the kind of content that aspiring investors crave.

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When Ted Bauman first started writing, he had already gained a lot of attention because of his father’s work in the industry. Since his earlier days with Banyan Hill, he has learned how to keep people’s attention by offering up his advice and his skills as a low risk investment professional. He recently commented that many of his readers are beginning to want to know more about how the global economy functions and that he is more than happy to educate them about it.

Ted Bauman once had an issue with time management, but he has since become much better at making time for himself and focusing on his work when he is at his sharpest. While he has been able to earn a lot of money in the past, he feels that he is now at the height of his career as he helps others to create wealth and protect it. He is hoping that he will continue to be able to attract more readers to his newsletters in the near future.


Luke Lazarus: Guiding Start-Up Companies

Native to Australia, Luke Lazarus has been very active in the business field since the young age of eight. This continued through his high school years where he was a student who just stood out from the rest due to his record of straight A’s and success in various sports.

This caused competition between colleges from around the world for his admission. Efforts by colleges included full ride offers from several U.S Division One university as well as offers with financial aid to Ivy Leagues.

Regardless of these prestigious offers, Lazarus chose to stay in his hometown where he soon earned an MBA from the Melbourne Business School. After college, he became the proud owner of four companies which he then sold for considerable sums.

This led him to become financially stable by his mid-thirties and at that is when he gave up on pursuing any more entrepreneurial matters. It was not because he would not be successful, but because he had realized that money no longer mattered and instead, would find joy in helping others to reach the same position he had. Thus, he became a business consultant.

Throughout Lazarus’ years as a business consultant, he has assisted innumerable start-up companies to blossom into multi-million dollar ones. He has shaped them in such a way that they automatically draw the attention of venture capitalists. One of his major methods is all about presentation. He uses the concept of elevator pitches; if the pitch cannot capture the attention of the capitalist in thirty seconds, the deal is bound to fall through. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Interview and Luke Lazarus | Medium

Luke Lazarus makes the businesses seem more appealing by giving them a sense of purpose. This could range from wanting to help others or to save lives. Either way, money no longer becomes the main concern and these businesses become a part of the bigger picture. While giving them this purpose is often not sufficient by itself, it does make them stand out to high-level venture capitalists who often look for companies invested in moral righteousness.

There are several ways that Luke Lazarus has impacted these companies on a more technical scale. His brutal honesty is a trait that companies need in order to have accurate feedback about what they should alter about their company and what approach they should take.

Start-up owners often lack the necessary knowledge to create a successful company and this is where Lazarus plays an enormous role. Although most of these entrepreneurs are academically knowledgeable and intelligent, they often lack the bare minimum including brand messaging and the arts of high finance. With his knowledge of how to grow a startup, he offers intensive training and expert-level advice to these companies, making them blossom.

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Oren Frank and Creating A Better World

Successful entrepreneurs like Oren Frank are able to get to where they are by deeply studying a problem, presenting a solution, and making certain that they stick to the sector in a deep way. Oren Frank, and others who have taken a similar path have had to fight and strive to find different solutions that would work for others in a holistic manner.

Oren Frank will make sure to improve the world by minimizing mental health through his business. He has been able to raise funds for TalkSpace, and the company is expected to grow further each year. View Oren Frank’s profile on linkedin

Remember, that one must pay attention to trends that are rising within the world, mental health is one of them, as such, applications such as TalkSpace, Calm, and others that help to give peace will be ones to watch and learn from.

Stick To What You Know

Rihanna relates to pop culture and as such she has done well in fashion.

In less than 2 years of its launch, the makeup line has made the Work artist the richest female musician in the world.

It has demonstrated that your idea doesn’t have to be completely out of the box to be successful or to establish yourself as a creator. Even small improvements in existing ideas could make a big difference in people’s lives, all of which contributes to a better world in general.

That is why, whenever you see a conventional idea that you think could be improved upon, don’t hesitate from treating it as an entrepreneurial project. It is because improving on an existing mechanism isn’t an easy task. If you have a truly drastic plan to change something for the better, then you could very well focus on it as a main business than just something considered as a side project. Check out:

Max Salk: A Millennial with Vision

 Max Salk knows how to separate work from pleasure and practices his time management in his daily life. He takes time for himself to work on his passions, allowing him to nourish his spirit so that he is not as likely to burn out from his work. These practices of poise have rewarded Salk with professional analytical success as well as fulfillment in many other aspects of his life which are just as, if not more important to his identity. Salk is talented in looking at problems and finding solutions in his business endeavors as well as his personal pursuits. Salk is careful to determine which problems deserve his attention. His preparation is a crucial tool which he utilizes when identifying problems that will have the largest impact once a solution is reached, this requires tremendous foresight.


Salk’s mentality bears resemblance to a simple saying, “Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the Courage to change the things I can and the Wisdom to know the difference.” Max is fully aware that preparation is crucial to success but at the same time his willingness to accept change around him makes him versatile and adaptable to the dynamic world which surrounds him. Fighting the onset of unexpected situations is comparable to attempting to stop waves in the ocean wasting precious energy and in no way affecting the outcome.


In all walks of life people face obstacles which may seem to halt progress. Salk also shares that it is imperative to discover a mission which you are truly invested in, one that you have the mental stamina to attain and with persistence you are sure to achieve your end goal. Finding this passion is two-fold; it allows you to find happiness in your labors, it also gives you a competitive advantage over others in the same line of work by being more devoted to your cause. This determination allows you to log more time with your undertaking than rivals, eventually giving you a wider breadth of knowledge of the given subject matter.


Agera Energy Promotes Effenciency Through Facebook

Agera Energy is a company that cares about educating and facilitating energy efficiency. Just take a look at their Facebook page. It is rife with tips, tricks, and suggestions about how consumers can cut back on their energy waste. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.

A recent post informed users about how to avoid phantom loads. The posts suggested using power strips to ensure that electronics are properly turned off when not in use. According to Agera it could save users around $100 dollars a month. This is not the only area in which Agera tries to save people money.


Agera Energy came to be in 2014. It offers low rates and open plans that are generally better than traditional services. However, Agera Energy is also focused on efficiency. It works hard to educate users on how to save money and cut down on waste. The company also offers wind power and solar energy as effective energy alternatives. Read more about Agera Energy at


Ted Bauman Shares The Most Lucrative Investment In A Cashless Society

Ted Bauman is a financial newsletter editor who works at Banyan Hill Publishing. He has degrees in history and economics that he earned while living in South Africa. After 25 years in that country’s not-for-profit sector, he returned to the United States along with his family. He now lives in the greater Atlanta, Georgia, area.

He recently wrote about cash and how most people don’t use it anymore. Ted Bauman asked his subscribers to think about the last time they used cash and suspected that for most of them it had been months to years ago. About the only time people use it nowadays is if they need it for a retail store that only accepts cash, or because they found some laying around in their home.

People use cards nowadays instead of cash, or a mobile app, to pay for things. Even at the gas pump, where people used to pay with cash far more likely than not, with the advent of prepaying people use cards there as well. Ted Bauman wonders what it’s going to look like once cash is barely used by anyone. Read more about Ted Bauman at

He sees ways for investors to take advantage of this move away from cash. Ted Bauman says that two companies that investors should avoid, though, are Visa and Discover. Credit card companies like these two won’t be where consumers turn for their payments in the future. He wrote that the best investment is PayPal. The reason for his enthusiasm for their stock is that they offer more benefits than anyone when it comes to going cashless.

Sharing the history of PayPal, he shares how this company started out named Confinity. They were a software developer that created security software. Over time they started to offer ways for people to transfer money online in a secure environment. They were then bought by eBay who used them to manage online payments.

PayPal was a pioneer without which Bitcoin and the other digital currencies likely wouldn’t exist. People became comfortable having their money in the cloud by using PayPal. Ted Bauman expects its success to continue for a long time.

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Gustavo Martinez Points to The Value That Consultant Services Can Provide in Helping Businesses To Accelerate Their Growth

The background of Gustavo Martinez is an impressive one that has seen him become one of the most respected marketing and advertising professionals of our time. His career has seen him work as the CEO in some of the biggest marketing firms in the world including J. Walter Thompson Worldwide.

Gustavo Martinez has also held the President’s role at both Olgilvy and Mather and McCann Worldgroup. Throughout all of these positions, he has achieved a great deal of success and helped his clients to make their brands stand out in a highly competitive marketplace.

Over his thirty-five years as a professional in advertising and marketing, Gustavo Martinez has been behind some of the biggest brands in consumer culture and has helped them to raise their brand awareness in the public’s conscience.

It has been his keep insights that have often helped him to be able to consistently reach these impressive levels of professional success.

Though he has worked as an executive leader with some of the most influential firms in today’s marketing industry, these days, Gustavo Martinez is doing his own thing and he is helping the startup community to find unique ways to accelerate their business models.

This is made possible by Gustavo offering his impressive range of experience to his clients who he works for as a consultant. One thing that Gustavo Martinez is confident of is that the field of business acceleration will play a big role in marketing in the times to come. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Ideamench and Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase

This is a major reason behind his switching his focus over to this emerging area of importance.

When it comes to the field of consulting within the marketing and business development sphere, Gustavo Martinez points out that this simply means that he is providing services of a high-end nature to his clients and these are services that can help them to grow their business and their brand.

These consultations services help Gustavo’s clients to improve both their operations and their strategic approach to their businesses. He also emphasizes that providing consultant services has been a major factor in the advertising and marketing field for a long time.

Even though he has been in the advertising and marketing game for over thirty-five years, Gustavo Martinez still has a great deal of motivation when it comes to his work and so he still rises early every day to get a quick jump on the work that is ahead of him.

This also allows him some time with his family in the morning before he gets going on what he has to get accomplished. One thing that he is loving about his new career focus is the fact that it is highly entrepreneurial.

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Isabel dos Santos: Being an Independent African Woman

Isabel dos Santos is a respected Angolan businesswoman. She is also known as the wealthiest woman in Africa. She is Jose Eduardo’s first daughter and the eldest child. In a report by Forbes, Isabel’s net worth is more than $2 billion. This makes her the first billionaire woman in Africa.

Isabel dos Santos amassed her wealth by taking various stakes in companies and doing business on her continent. She worked in sectors such as energy, finance, telecommunications, and business. Her career has since been marred by a stable ascent up various executive positions in multiple global conglomerates. As such, Isabel dos Santos is also recognized as one of the youngest billionaires in her continent. Visit her facebook page to learn more about her platforms.

Being an independent business professional, Isabel’s portfolio is established around the banking sector too. She is committed to growing her continent’s economic docket and supporting women and their input in the economic world. In the past two decades, Isabel has held various managerial roles in organizations listed on several stock exchanges.

After graduating from London’s King College, Isabel joined her father in their native land and started serving as a project manager for Urbana 2000. She won a cleaning contract to disinfect the city. Isabel then established a trucking business. With the widespread application of walkie-talkies, technology had paved the way for her to join the telecommunications world. Isabel then established her first company, opening a night club in Luanda Island. After 20 years of successful operation, she expanded her interests in business. She also delved into more investment opportunities, especially abroad and in Angola.

Isabel made substantial investments in prolific enterprises, particularly in Portugal. As such, she was appointed as the head of Sonangol, one of Angola’s state oil firms. She then established Unitel in collaboration with Portugal Telecom. Through the company’s holding, she acquired Cape Verde’s T+.

Besides business, Isabel dos Santos spearheads various mentoring sessions with African young women. In Angola, especially, she encourages them to delve into male-dominated businesses available to them. The successful businesswoman also implores them to pursue an education and be part of business ventures in their communities. Read more:

Ashley Lightspeed Is Conversant With The Digital Media Sector

The recent advancements in technology have led to the formation of many digital media startup companies. Despite the high competition in the industry, investors are still holding on. Ashley Brasier is one of the investors who has invested in digital media. She is also a partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners. As an entrepreneur, Ashley Lightspeed has been able to identify the potential that lies in the digital media industry.

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About Ashley Lightspeed

Digital media is an industry that involves the transmission of digitized content through computer networks or the internet. Various communication platforms such as audio, text, video, and graphics are used. Digital media is meant to avail content to the audience. Since technology is growing fast, it has also contributed to the replacement of various traditional methods that were used to present the information to a particular audience. Eco-friendly practices are also being implemented.

Newspapers have started to experience lower profit margins since many people are looking for information from online news sources. Hedge funds have been able to take over these media companies that propagate information through traditional techniques such as newspapers. At the moment, people are paying for a monthly subscription to access these newspapers. It is better than receiving a newspaper at your doorstep.

Recently, Lightspeed ventures realized that it is important to have an established audience. The venture capital firm has invested in many startup companies. After investing in the digital media industry, they had to seek ways in which they could enhance the success of corporations in this industry. The company has also partnered with Ashley Lightspeed. Ashley has displayed a specific prowess when it comes to identifying opportunities in the digital media industry. The partnership will prove to be fruitful eventually since Ashley possesses knowledge about media and entertainment as well as business. She also has an undergraduate degree in visual and media studies. Read more:

Serge Belamant, inventor of blockchain technology and founder of Net1 Technologies and Zilch Technology Limited

Serge Belamant is a technological innovator whose applications and ideas have been extensively adopted in the world of financial services. Belamant was born in 1953 in France, but his family migrated to the Republic South Africa when he was 14 years old. He was admitted to Highlands North High School in Johannesburg. He was a bright student and pursued his academic interests by joining clubs and extra-curriculum activities as an athlete, to distinctive recognition and awards.

In 1972, serge Belamant graduated from high school and went on to study at Witwatersrand University for his undergraduate degree in engineering. He dropped this in favor of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics but later transferred to the University of South Africa (UNISA) to study Information Systems. His credits hours at Witwatersrand University did not get transferred to UNISA, and therefore Serge did not graduate but went into employment. Read his full interview at

Serge Belamant early career opportunities

As a brilliant young man, he had no trouble finding a job. Matrix was the first company he worked at, a big civil engineering company. He developed an application to analyze dam water levels in South Africa while working at IBM. He went on to develop complex applications for the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). He worked in developmental projects in other companies such as ESKOM (National Grid Systems), DATABANK, Bancorp, and SASWITCH. In 1989, Serge left SASWITCH and later the same year, he founded Net1 Technologies.

Serge Belamant’s blockchain technology

Serge built Net1 Technologies on FTS (Funds transfer Systems) which is one of his earlier innovations. The real break came in 1989 when he VISA contracted him on a project to develop a new application using his two existing ideas FTS and Universal Electronic Payment System (UEPS). Serge Belamant successfully developed for VISA the COPAC (Chip Offline Pre-authorized Card) application that was the result of a successful merging of FTS and UEPS. Net1 Technologies has enjoyed many big breaks and is considered a pioneer in all the financial system applications that are used by major institutions like banks. In 2017 Serge left chairmanship of the Net1 Technologies and went on to start zilch Technology Limited.

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