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Charging Solutions With Seymour Segnit’s MAGFAST Charger


Seymour Segnit is known for being the inventor and the founder of the MAGFAST Charger. This is a start-up company that began in 2018. As with so many inventions, they are created out of a person’s desire to make something easier. With all the technology out today, everything needs to be charged.

It can be quite an inconvenience because all of the devices may have their own specifications for charging. This means buying and keeping up with numerous chargers. This is precisely what happened to Seymour Segnit. When trying to get all the various chargers for his family, he thought of the idea for the MAGFAST Charger.

Since the MAGFAST Charger is fully wireless, you do not have to run into the issue of tons of wires that can get tangled up with each other. The other unique feature of this charger is that magnets are used to connect the different components to each other. It is designed to be compatible with most devices and the great thing about it is that charging can happen simultaneously for the various devices. Go To This Page for related information.

The MAGFAST Charger is not just one charger, but actually a grouping of six different chargers. MAGFAST Charger has a portable charger called the LifeCharger. It is so small that it can fit in the palm of your hand. Another device that MAGFAST has the RoadCharger. This is a device that you can use in your car to charge your devices. Visit This Page for more information.

MAGFAST also boasts other devices called the AirCharger, WallCharger and TimeCharger. These obviously are other chargers that can be used in various locations and for various types of devices, such as the TimeCharger for an Apple watch.

Whatever your charger needs might be, the MAGFAST probably has your perfect solution. It is important to know that shipping for Seymour Segnit’s unique invention, the MAGFAST Charger, actually starts at the end of 2019.


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The MAGFAST Charger Utilizes Diverse Pieces of Advanced Technology


MAGFAST now has a new charger called the “MAGFAST Extreme”, and it features three Qi coils that make this charger capable of charging three devices simultaneously.

Remember, MAGFAST has put an exceptional amount of time and money into making sure that their wireless charging stations are superior to the wireless chargers offered by their rivals. MAGFAST also understands that there is frequently a big gap between the demonstration of technology and its commercialization.

Therefore, MAGFAST designed its MAGFAST charging station very carefully to make sure that it would be able to charge numerous devices quickly and efficiently. Thus, the MAGFAST family of wireless chargers is a compelling group of devices. You should also note that the MAGFAST Charger uses some advanced technology developed by some of the biggest names in the electronics industry.

Hence, the MAGFAST Charger utilizes different pieces of technology developed by individuals in the electrical technology supply sector, battery manufacturers, wireless technology groups, wireless semiconductor companies, and accessory manufacturers. Get More Information Here.

These diverse organizations have come together to develop a common standard. Thus, the MAGFAST Charger uses the most advanced wireless charging station technology available on the market today. Wireless charging technology is also beginning to become more widespread across the United States.

In addition to personal chargers for the home, wireless charging surfaces are also now available as an option in some new motor vehicles and airports. Also, the technology used in the MAGFAST wireless charging station is quite advanced, and all it requires is that the device to be charged be equipped with a wireless charging receiver.

Additionally, Seymour Segnit is the MAGFAST organization’s CEO. Seymour designed the wireless charging technology utilized in the MAGFAST family of chargers. He did this because he wanted to offer MAGFAST’s customers access to a wireless charging station that is more advanced than the other chargers on the market today. See This Page for additional information.


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There are many innovative and exciting ways to make money using the world wide web. Thanks to the advent of the web and social media in particular, opportunity is more present than ever before. However, basic salesmanship skills still apply. It’s important to learn from a master of the game like Kynect.

Kynect was founded in 2005 with the object of becoming the world’s premier direct selling company. Based in Dallas, Texas, the firm has quickly achieved its initial object. Since then, the goal has been to apply its hard-won knowledge and skills to other sectors of the industry.


The leading idea behind the formation of Kynect was to make use of the elemental power of relationships. Networking throughout the industry has always been the foundation of Kynect as well as its guiding philosophy. This is a concept that the company has managed to take to new heights of effectiveness. See This Page for additional information.

Thanks to the radical change of philosophy that has been introduced to the industry by Kynect, the firm has managed to grow into one of the very largest direct selling companies. This has had a major impact on the energy industry as a whole. Get More Information Here.

Kynect has established a host of independent sales organizations throughout the nation. The firm is able to market and direct sell a wide variety of services. These include Stream Energy as well as a large number of wireless services.

As a result, the firm is well established in the industry. Ever since pioneering the idea of direct communication on a whole new level with its clients, Kynect has managed to flourish.

A series of recent acquisitions has put the company on a whole new footing vis a vis the energy industry. This is a new phase of development that will see Kynect safely into the future.


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A MAGFAST Wireless Charger Is Compatible With Most Newer Phones

Are you someone who spends a lot of time looking for the cable for your phone’s charger? Fortunately, those days will be nothing more than an unpleasant memory once you buy a MAGFAST Charger wireless charging station. Also, all the time you would otherwise spend unraveling the clutter of wires between the charger of the phone, the bedside lamp, the computer, and your sound system can now be put a better purpose.


To summarize: between a plug that is too far away, a cable that is too short, and the wires that tie themselves up in knots, there are many disadvantages to using a conventional charger. However, a MAGFAST wireless charger will enable you to avoid all of these issues. This type of charger is also generally compatible with most newer phones. Refer to This Article for related information.


Thus, the integration of advanced wireless charging technologies solves these problems by keeping a device perfectly functional and powered without wires. Having a MAGFAST wireless charger can also allow you to charge several smartphones simultaneously. Remember, recent models of most of the smartphones built by major manufacturers come with wireless technology.


Thus, these phones come equipped with the receiver needed to transmit power between the MAGFAST Charger and your phone. A MAGFAST Charger is also beautiful, and this piece of technology will be an aesthetically pleasing addition to the decor of your home or office. If you want this high-tech gadget to become an attractive element of your home decor, then a MAGFAST Charger is what you need. Get Related Information Here.


The goal of MAGFAST Chargers is to simplify your charging experience by limiting the number of cords you have to deal with. They have six different chargers on sale currently, each for a different device or a different location. Their lineup of chargers includes the LifeCharger, the LifeCharger Extreme, the AirCharger, the WallCharger, the RoadCharger and the TimeCharger.


The new set of MAGFAST wireless charging stations are all equipped with advanced technology which the company designed to be compatible with the major wireless charging standards. Seymour Segnit is the CEO of MAGFAST. Seymour also spent a great deal of time creating the MAGFAST wireless charging stations to provide consumers with a fabulous technological solution for all their charging needs.






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Highland Capital Management and True Professionals


Highland Capital Management is a private company that’s in the asset management field. It has been ticking since its debut in 1993. Chief Investment Officer Mark Okada made it come to fruition then. The same goes for President James Dondero. Its primary branch is in Dallas, Texas.

Highland Capital has a handful of branches elsewhere. They’re in Singapore, Seoul, South Korea, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sao Paulo, Brazil and, last but certainly not least, New York, New York. Highland Capital Management is a business that tackles international public equities investments. Other topics it tackles are structured items, high-yield bonds and fixed income matters.

Highland Capital Management has a retail investing arm. It’s named simply “Highland Funds.” People who wish to find out about “ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund)” subjects often look into Highland Funds. The same thing applies to individuals who have any curiosity that involves mutual funds.

Highland Capital Management now takes care of an investment network that has a varied feel. It works with retail and institutional investors. These investors are in all nooks and crannies of the planet. People who wish to learn a lot about structured credit, real estate and high-yield credit frequently depend on the Highland Capital Management crew. Get Related Information Here.

People everywhere constantly are searching for guidance that involves investment advisory matters. Highland Capital Management, however, gives people all around the United States investment advisory help.

This firm is in no sense a small one. It has more than 100 staff members in total right now. These people can talk for a long time about the many facets of alternative funds. They can talk for hours and hours about equity funds, closed end funds and even asset allocation funds of all kinds. People who want to learn about total return concepts often reach out to the Highland staff. Refer to This Article for related information.


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Business-Use Software And This Firm’s Parent Company Both Benefit Empiricus Research; Also, Let’s Take A Look At Relevant Statistics To Empiricus’ Current Operations

Empiricus has consulted companies throughout Brazil on the design, content, creation, distribution, and maintenance of their newsletters as a primary form of operation since its 2009 foundation. In terms popularity of its services, Empiricus Research’s newsletter consultancy is tied with actually creating newsletters from scratch for clients.

The firm owns one-half of O Antagonista, a Portuguese-written, Brazilian website; one-quarter of O Antagonista is owned by each Mario Sabino and Diogo Mainardi. Empiricus is half-owned by The Agora, whereas it’s one-sixth owned each by Felipe Miranda, Caio Mesquita, and Rodolfo Amstalden.


Statistics about Empiricus, its operation, and current readership

Empiricus’ newsletters usually consist entirely or primarily of information classified under financial services. Before Brazilian adult subscribers start reading the newsletters that Empiricus as a direct hand in, 45 percent stores all their money in savings, whereas 35 percent invests in stocks, at least a little bit, that is. Go Here for additional information.

After reading Empiricus’ newsletters for a short while, one study showed, these categories experienced a 30 percent drop and 25 percent boost, respectively, up to 45 percent and 35 percent. This means that the firm’s newsletters directly increased the rate at which adult Brazilians invested in their country’s own stock market.

350,000 people currently pay for the firm’s hand-crafted newsletters and read them. 2,000,000 people – including both paid and free readers – read the firm’s newsletters as regular subscribers. Refer to This Article to learn more.


The utility of seeking help from The Agora and from a business-use software

The Agora is responsible for getting Empiricus Research into financial content in the first place, which happened around 2013.

Empiricus is also aided by the use of Salesforce, a popular business software, in maintaining the consistent, regular, direct reaching of clients on an individual basis with its newsletters just by using Salesforce, some of the company’s department heads have revealed in the past.


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Alejandro Betancourt Lopez’s Efforts in Advancing the Thermoelectric Power Sector

As a young business person yet to reach 40 years, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has maintained a very vibrant career profile that people all over the world admire. Betancourt has worked in many leading companies where he has amassed massive skills and knowledge in many sectors. In his academic life, he holds two undergraduate degrees in economics and business administration from Suffolk University. He is also the great-grandson of Venezuela’s former president in the 19th Century, Hermógenes López.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez stands out to be an entrepreneur who has transformed many sectors, especially the energy sector, through various innovations and new technologies. His sensitivity to new technologies has made him develop many businesses that embrace very new approaches. It has also allowed him to work in the continents of Africa and South America.

Before engaging in his private businesses, Alejandro worked in many companies as a manager. Some of the companies include Guruceaga Group and BGB Energy. In Latin America, he was the commercial manager of the ICC-OEOC company, which has its roots in the UK and solves technology problems at the offshore oil Industry.

Upon moving out of the abovementioned companies, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez had deeply understood how many sectors conduct businesses. He also knew how innovation could transform the modern economy. So, he decided to start his company – His company, in 2007 together with Pedro Trebbau López. With His company, Betancourt had the vision to lead in the expansion of the thermoelectric power sector. They concentrated on ensuring that proper electricity production facilities are in place and to enhance their supply chain operation.

His company grew so well, and within a few years, it became the leading in Venezuela and the entire region. The company has brought an input of 1,386 megawatts of electricity in the power grid of Venezuela through the eleven simple-cycle Thermoelectric power plants they have established. They are also exploring other sources of energy like wind and solar. Their goal is to provide opportunities for research and development within Latin America.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez’s company has taken a step ahead to sponsor students that want to advance their careers in the energy sector by partnering with Simón Bolivar University. He has also established a foundation to give back to society in education, sports, and technology.


Financial Sheldon Lavin: A Leader With Experience

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of OSI Group which is in Chicago. He is responsible for Otto and Son’s success as a butcher-shop that ended up being a success in supplying to different restaurants. As a result, the company changed its name several times, and is now a global force in the food distribution industry. They have several facilities in many countries and have even taken over some meat plants. To now those wise decisions were made that made this company successful is a good thing that we all should appreciate because it’s about getting fresh food that’s of good quality.

Sheldon Lavin helps companies with funding so that they can succeed in the business. You need money in order to make money. He helped OSI Group achieve its goals, and look at how this company flourished. Who would have thought that a small butcher shop in Chicago would turn out to be something great? Sheldon Lavin also believes that a company should always have a thoroughly laid out business plan. Without one, no company will last that long. A business can also lose a lot of money. You will find spending money where you shouldn’t.

If we learn anything from Sheldon Lavin, it’s to make sure we know how to get money in order to get our start-up off the ground. Plus, we should make use of technology for our marketing strategies. Also, you have incorporated any marketing strategy that is used in your business if it will increase your revenue. Just think about how great your company would be if you understood the how much a financial consultant could help you which is what Lavin still does. He has not retired.

If you find yourself needing business funds, Sheldon Lavin does have some good advice on how to get it. Plus, he is part of the reason OSI Group is doing so well. Now is the time to start planning what your business needs in order to dominant. You just never know what could come of your hard work. Lavin is an example of that. Source:

MAGFAST Chargers are the Solution for Messy Charging Cables


The MAGFAST Charger hopes to help people get rid of the clutter that happens when trying to charge multiple devices at once. With each device having their own wire and charger to plug in, things often get messy fast. The MAGFAST Charger family consists of six different chargers that link together using the power of magnets, creating an aesthetically pleasing and efficient solution for everyone’s chaotic wire problem.

The six chargers provide charging for every possible need. This includes the dependable standard LifeCharger, as well as the LifeCharger Extreme that contains enough power to jump start a car. The TimeCharger is perfect for anyone with a smartwatch. The RoadCharger creates four USB outlets out of one car’s 12v outlet, and the AirCharger wirelessly charges devices while the WallCharger can also wirelessly charge all of the other Magfast Chargers.

All of MAGFAST’s power banks come with a conveniently built-in, self-storing, and replaceable cable, USB-A and -C outlets, and wireless charging. Each of the chargers work perfectly on their own, but it’s possible to connect multiple units together seamlessly. The crowdfunding campaign for the MAGFAST Charger family went live on March 21, which raised its goal of $30,000 in around 15 minutes. Go Here for more information.

MAGFAST is led by their founder and CEO, Seymour Segnit. Seymour studied engineering at Oxford University, and held several different jobs during his long career. He’s worked at Ogilvy & Mather as well as Saatchi & Saatchi, and was a radio personality at London’s biggest radio station. He is also the co-founder of a Silicon Valley startup. See This Article to learn more.

Before creating MAGFAST LLC, he held a high position at a similar USB charger company, before he left in August of 2016. Segnit says that the problem with most chargers today are that they are ugly and not environmentally friendly. Because many of the chargers

With the MAGFAST’s sleek design and quality manufacturing, Segnit hopes to counteract the harm caused by the shoddy nature of other chargers. As an added benefit, he will be planting a tree for every product sold during MAGFAST’s launch.


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Kynect: Growth Through People


Kynect started out being the first company to bring marketing and energy to the same discussion. They sell things like cellphone services and roadside assistance. Part of their main focus is bringing people together to inspire one another to be successful.

People of all different ways of life have come together with this opportunity. Kynect opens its arms to anyone with an idea, judgement free, and helps make their dreams come true. What some people thought was a way to make a little extra money soon turned into their career.

There are tons of experienced people working in Kynect and these experts are there to help new employees learn how to make more money. This network is a group effort, as everyone lends a helping hand. It is no wonder people say it’s like a family. View Additional Info Here.

Growing rapidly since 2005, this company based in Dallas, TX is a network made of team players ready to help their fellow coworkers out. Kynect even offers a retreat for its employees to travel from all over to meet up and work together to gain more experience. This retreat, or “Streamcation”, helps build a strong bond between the people working there because it’s rewarding and a wonderful work experience.

The interesting thing about network marketing is you can bring your friends into the business to make extra money as well. By referring someone to work with you, you will earn a certain percentage from their sales. If you want the people under you to make more money, you can share tips with them and vice versa. Go Here for related Information.

The idea of Kynect’s marketing is people on people contact and no big corporations. Kynect is a great way to save money and work personally with other people to ensure you’re getting the best gas, energy, wireless, and security services.


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