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The best thing that a person can do for a dog’s health is to let the dog be the dog that it was bred to be and give it beneful from petco. Even if the dog is a hunting breed in a pet situation, the owner’s should understand the daily activities of the breed and attempt to replicate this activity in some form that is relative to your situation. The drive to do the things for which the dog is bred is very strong in your pet and satiating that need prevents the dog from having multiple issues both physically and mentally.

This does not mean that you have to turn your dog into a hunting dog, but letting a dog with the instinct to point at birds follow that activity really satisfies the dog. For example, your daily walk could include trips through a park with birds or ducks. The dog can stalk and point without any danger of hurting the animals, but their minds will be stimulated as well as their physical activity will be based on a complex fun activity for the dog instead of simply walking on a leash with strict rules.

This problem denotes a disconnection between the dog’s need and those of the owner. For people, we make concessions for their natural behavior, but in pets, we often conform their natural tendencies to fit our lifestyle. This fuels the problem with people choosing pets that are inappropriate for their lifestyles and alleviates the issues connected with misplaced energy in dogs. These issues include chewing and aggression issues as well as depression.

However, when this is understood, people can own dogs that they never thought that they could because they exercised a little extra diligence to find activities that more suit the animal’s natural instincts and adjust themselves a small amount. When these steps are taken, dogs that would normally destroy a home when their owners leave will patiently rest and await the owner’s return if they are conditioned to know that their owner’s return signals that they will get to engage in their favorite and most instinctual activities.

This more closely mimics that natural schedule and activity that dogs with hunting backgrounds would have in the wild as wolves hunting for daily survival. They conserve energy for the hunt instead of nervously expending it awaiting the more trained dog’s reconnaissance trips away from the main pack. However, this activity must be combined with the appropriate nutrition in order for the dog to be healthy. As far as the amounts are concerned, very active dogs will need more than the labels suggest in many cases.

Extremely active dogs can sometimes require double the amount of food than the label suggests to maintain their energy levels. It also requires a brand with a complete nutritional value and composition like Beneful. The Beneful brands have a varied product line of both wet and dry food as well as targeted informative labeling about the components and the suggested uses of each type. It is the only brand that I endorse as a trainer and breeder.

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