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In most cases, back pain is as a result of spending much of the time sitting, sometimes in chairs that are not appropriate, especially those with poor posture. Modern technology is highly blamed for this problem since people spend almost the whole day sitting while working using their devices. Sitting on a wrong posture is due to lack of knowledge and can cause a serious problem to health of many people according to Dr. Sergio Cortes, a medical expert. Also, he encourages people to give themselves breaks to allow for stretching of muscles and joints and make them flexible all the time.

Cortes explained that poor posture can cause neck stiffness, and herniated disc. The doctor continued to say that the effects of these cases may become chronic if not taken care of in early stages. He has directed patients to more vigilant and visit a medical practitioner when they experience such pains. Sitting on the same posture for a long time is very dangerous, and movement should be encouraged because it gives the body good attitude.

In Brazil, exercise was a tradition in the past but nowadays people have abandoned it. The doctor is encouraging people to perform routine exercise in order to keep fit always and prevent back pain that would largely affect their lives. Dr. Sergio is encouraging people to visit a doctor so that he can recommend the best physical exercise needed. He further urges people to do stretching first before and after exercise in order to prevent inflammation, injuries and muscle strains.
The expert is encouraging people to practice stretches using bars or other similar structures. Stretching can be done at home, but Dr. Sergio is advising people to consult specialists so that they can recommend the best exercise for every person.
About Sergio Cortes
Sergio Cortes is a medical expert who been focusing on educating people on how to lead healthy lifestyle and overcome complications that are associated with poor diet and also lack of exercise. Cortes is advising people to engage medical professionals whenever they want to eat healthy food that are beneficial to their bodies.
For one to have healthy diet, Sergio Cortes is asking them to include fruits on their menu in order to increase the intake of vitamins. Water is another essential element required by the body to enhance transportation of nutrients in the body. Sergio is advising people to drink sufficient water so that they can maintain the required temperature in their bodies.

Source: Sergio Cortes Official Website

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