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Sanjay Shah: Making A Difference

Sanjay Shah is a legend in the financial industry. He has had success after success. He has worked for companies like Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley and Rabobank and Credit Suisse. He started a financial firm, Solo Capital, in 2009 that deals with brokerage, investment management and principal trading. Since then he has made hundreds of millions of dollars and the firm has expanded to be in two countries with employees in the triple digits. But before all of his success in the financial world, he was just a student at King’s College with a big passion for promoting local concerts in London.

While he had to leave that passion behind for some time, he has now come full circle. Several years ago his son was diagnosed with autism and Shah’s priorities changed. He stepped back from his firm and wanted to see how he could help his son. The doctors told him there was nothing he could do for his son. So he decided to do something that would help the doctors to better help his son. He formed a charity that would raise money for autism research.

Autism Rocks was created. Shah met with the giants of the industry to make sure he got off on the right foot. He had Snoop Dogg come over to his home. He partnered with Done Events, a promotional firm in Dubai, in order to learn more about the industry and gain from their expertise. Then he got a call. Prince was willing to do a private concert in four weeks time. Shah organized a venue in London and got to promoting. He invited several hundred people and requested that they all donate at least 500 pounds to Autism Rocks. That night they raised 200,000 pounds.

A short time later, Shah organized a similar event with Lenny Kravitz and similar success occurred. Now Autism Rocks is ready to try out concerts in different cities, with different crowds. Shah is even interested in trying to sell a compilation CD that profits the charity.

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Source: Global-Citizen

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