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Dr. Andrew Manganaro Makes Sure Life Line Screening Offers a Superior Level of Quality

Dr. Andrew Manganaro is a board certified physician who completed both his residency and chief residency at Bellevue Hospital Medical Center in New York. After practicing in the fields of thoracic, cardiac and vascular surgery for more than 30 years he retired to become the Chief Medical Officer at a company called Life Line Screening. This is a position he still retains today. As the CMO of Life Line Dr. Manganaro is often asked about the services the company provides. Life Line Screening is a comprehensive preventative health screening service that caters to the general public. The concept for this company came about from Dr. Manganaro’s own experience with the many cases he encountered in his own practice.

An average day for the CMO of Life Line consists of making sure the level of quality assurance is maintained through all of the facility’s locations. This includes the supervision of other board certified physicians as well as overseeing various departments of research. Dr. Andrew Manganaro’s own dedication to hard work and persistence can be seen in the superior levels of quality the entire team at Life Line provides to patients.

Founded in 1993, Life Line Screening has steadily grown over the years to where it now serves people in various states around the country. In its ongoing effort to reach as many people as possible this facility also holds more than 16,000 screening events every year. The facility’s testing methods include electrocardiograph, ultrasound and finger stick blood samples. Not only does Life Line Screening provide an array of tests to help detect the early onset of heart disease, it also provides testing for diabetes and cancer. People can also have testing done for testosterone deficiency, kidney disease, thyroid disease or vitamin D deficiency. Life Line also offers a health assessment screening for 6 at-risk conditions. Visit this Page for more information.

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