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What Highland Capital Launched for the Greater Good

Talking about healthcare is one thing, but watching a big launch with Highland Capital Management is a big deal. Highland Capital recently launched a deal for $147 million dollars with the help of North Korea NPS. This particular private healthcare-focused fund was closed with their affiliate in North Korea. Although the capital commitments appear high, this has just begun. NPS stands for the National Pension Service, and they are considered to be the anchor for the fund. This long-time fund, which is valued at nearly $500 billion has received recognition from the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute, reporting that their corpus is just over $465 billion.


The key with the North Korea fund is the recognition of working with Korea to bring unity to these private healthcare-focused funds. Investment returns are often favorable in this marketplace, making it easier than ever for investors to access opportunities that would not exist in any other marketplace. The Asian marketplace will be guided with the help of Stonebridge Capital, which is a private equity fund based in North Korea for the purpose of co-managing these investments.


At a time when cooperation and bridging the gap with government is much needed, it’s important to note that these co-managed funds could potentially assist in this area. This fund is the very first affiliate of Highland Capital in the Asian markets, and the hope is that more funds will be added in the future. Highland Capital has a firm grasp on the healthcare market, positioning them for tremendous success with their expertise in the healthcare-sector for now and well into the future.



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