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Troy McQuagge: Gold Winner of One Planet Awards

Troy McQuagge, CEO of USHealth Group, Inc., has been named the Gold Winner in the One Planet Awards. The One Planet Awards is a program that honors business and professional excellence in different industries all around the world. Organizations from around the world are able to submit nominations. These nominations may include: largest to smallest, for-profit and non-profit, public and private, and new startups.

Troy McQuagge joined USHealth Group in 2010 with the intentions of rebuilding the distribution agency. After McQuagge successfully re-tooled advisors in 2014, he was then elected President and CEO of the company. Read more: Troy McQuagge Honored as Most Innovative CEO of the Year: Insurance in the Annual 2016 CEO World Awards

Since then, McQuagge has achieved growth and profitability within the company. Troy McQuagge stated that he was honored to receive the award from One Planet Awards; however, everyone at USHealth Group should have received the award as well. McQuagge said that the company focuses on solving the healthcare affordability for everyone in hopes of providing exceptional coverage.

Mr. McQuagge earned his B.A. degree form the University of Central Florida in 1983. Troy began his career in 1983 when he worked for Allstate Insurance Company. In 1995, he became a part of the Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Company Inc. Two years later, Troy was named President of the company.

Troy McQuagge joined USHealth Group Inc. in July of 2010. In 2013, Troy became the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. One year later, the company elected him to serve as President and CEO.

Since then, Troy has also served with Freedom Life Insurance Company of America, which is a secondary company to USHealth Group, Inc.

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