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Josh Smith Helps High Desert Montessori School to Get New Greenhouse

Josh Smith, a leading entrepreneur, helps High Desert Montessori School in Reno, Nevada, to get a new greenhouse. In the last week of May 2017, Smith’s Modular Greenhouses collaborated with Great Full Gardens Café, a leading restaurant in Reno, Nevada, to offer greenhouses to the students of the school. The initiative is expected to make students aware of how to grow food and take part in their own wellness and health. Interestingly, the school’s gardening program also received some funds to purchase planters, seeds, and soil.

Modular Greenhouse contributed greenhouses to the school’s Boys & Girls Club. The startup based in Reno, Nevada, is planning to establish greenhouses in all the schools in the Washoe County by 2020. Josh Smith, the Chief Executive Officer of Modular Greenhouses, confirmed that the firm has set up a program that can offer greenhouses to all the schools and nonprofit institutions in the Washoe County. Tyler Jones, a seventh grader, said in an excited voice that he wanted to see how the plants could grow in the area. Interestingly, Great Full Gardens Café expressed its hope that they could buy the food products from the students one day to meet the needs of their restaurants.

Josh Smith is a revolutionary serial entrepreneur with many startups to his credit. He is more focused on creating solutions and products that can create positive impacts on the lives. This helped him to design highly successful products and ventures in different industries. Smith identified there were many barriers for customized greenhouses for home needs, and this is where Modular Greenhouses was born.

Smith has nearly 17 years of experience in venturing various industries and garnering success from everywhere. Smith has greater expertise in multinational import/export logistics, global operations, compliance, manufacturing, customer procedures, and regulatory approvals.

His deep association with positive change in the lives and society is integrated into the new era of eco-socio-capitalism. Due to that reason, Josh Smith sees home gardening and organic gardening as the two trends he sees most promising and passionate. He is also passionate to encourage the young generation and ask them to focus on achieving their dreams.

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