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George Soros, Open Society Foundations Donation

George Soros, who is one of the world’s billionaires, did a marvellous donation to his Open Society Foundations. The $18 billion donation is the second highest wealth ever to be transferred to a single foundation by a private donor. The donation that was made by George a few years ago was just disclosed to the public a few months ago. With the $18 billion donations, Soros Open Society Foundations is now the second-largest philanthropic organization after Gates foundation in the United States of America. This kind of donation did some great job by placing George Soros at the right position to be scrutinized by the critics.

About Open Society Foundations

The Open Society Foundations was founded by George Soros thirty years ago. It was founded with the primary intention of protecting and promoting human rights in most parts of the globe. Currently, the foundation is supporting the rights of different people from more than 120 countries. In the past few years, the attention of the foundation has been prevalent in the US and its environs. Open Society Foundations is placing its efforts on programs that aim at protecting the rights of gays and lesbians in the US; police brutality is also one of the things that are being tackled by George Soros through his foundation.

Achievements of the Open Society Foundations

George Soros has recorded major achievements through Open Society Foundations. For instance, during the Ebola outbreak in some parts of the US, the program supported the victims by initiating treatment centres. On the other hand, during the violence that was experienced in some parts of the US following the previous US elections, the foundation fought against the National Wave of Hate Incidents. When hate crimes went high in the US, in 2016, Soros committed at least $10 million to help the government in curbing such crimes; Soros was then 87 years old. When asked why he made such a donation, he said that it was the duty of the sell wishers to push back against what was going on in the US.

Soros’ Political Interests

The fact that Mr. Soros has made several donations to support democratic politicians like Hillary Clintons have made him an ideal prey for the republican establishments. For instance, there is a website by the name, Breitbart that accused Mr. Soros of attempting to make Ireland one of the nations where abortion is a common act. The same website went ahead to claim that Soros also tried to deny Europeans the rights and freedoms of taking control over their borders. The Chief Executive Officer of National Philanthropic Trust, Eileen Heisman stated that Mr. Soros was making an enormous statement through his donations, owing to the contemporary position of the US.

Mr. George Soros, despite facing quite a number if challenges from national critics, has accomplished many achievements with his Open Society Foundations. Main accomplishment by the Open Society Foundations is the protection of human rights from police brutalities and discriminations by other US citizens. It is believed that Soros has made more donations which are yet to be learned about by the public, just like the one he did to the Open Society Foundations.

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