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The Prognosis for Mitt Romney

The current volatility in the political world is causing a real shakeup, with some political veterans opting to leave office rather than seek re-election during an unpredictable time. All of this is shaking thing up further, as major political figures like Mitt Romney are showing renewed interest in returning to active political life. Romney now appears to be seeking a run for the senate seat in Utah that is being left open with the announcement of Orrin Hatch’s retirement.

With the announcement of Romney’s upcoming run for the open senate seat comes interest in the candidate’s health. Romney recently had surgery for a tumor on his prostate gland, and the question is whether his health with be an issue in the campaign and in his political future.

An Expert on Prostate Cancer Weighs In

Dr. David Samadi is a urologist and surgeon who is currently serving as the Chair of Urology as well as the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. Ramadi spoke to The Huffington Post in a recent article that analyzed Romney’s health and how it could impact his political life.

According to Samadi, the prognosis for Romney looks good, as the tumor on his prostate gland was successfully removed without the need for radiation. In Samadi’s view, it is always wise for patients to go with surgery for the removal of a tumor in lieu of radiation, if the cancer is localized. This situation will leave the patient with the best chance for a full recovery without a recurrence of the illness. He states that many patients who opt for radiation first (and do not remove the prostate gland) often have a lesser chance of living another five years if the cancer spreads to other organs after radiation.

Samadi also advises any man who is facing treatment choices for prostate cancer to work closely with an experienced urologist who can guide them through this challenging passage. Patients should also closely examine the record of any surgeon they are considering for their procedure. Ramadi also notes that political leaders like Colin Powell and John Kerry both had successful surgeries for prostate cancer, and they went on to resume their active political lives after treatment.

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