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How Chicago Surgeon, Dr. Mark Holterman, Helps Vietnamese Children

There are so many things to be said about the work of Mark Holterman. He has helped bring about a new perspective on the way that we treat childhood obesity and diabetes (Crunchbase). He has fought to make sure that parents understand these dangers and protect their children accordingly. That has certainly made for interesting times but he has let it be known that he is willing to do what he needs to in order to make sure our children are in good hands. That has led him to create his new training camp that he plans on promoting thoroughly thanks to what he has seen.

There are so many reasons to like what Holterman is doing and one of the most obvious is that we are currently facing a crisis with our youth. They are growing up to be less healthy than their parents and the consequences of that are profound. A future where our children live shorter lives than us is around the corner if we don’t do something to stop it from happening. The only way forward is to try to find a way to give people the education needed to fight obesity and prevent it from affecting us anymore.

The future of our children is going to depend on how capable we are of stopping the obesity epidemic before it takes anymore lives. It just so happens that Holterman has the ability to stop this from happening by giving kids a routine that they can follow in our to stop any more damage. He has an ambition and he wants to change the way things are going. Others are going to want to follow this advice for themselves, but it isn’t too difficult to understand why he has succeeded. Obesity is a serious issue and it’s left so many children at risk for type 2 diabetes. By following his strategy we can find ways to stop this from ruining their lives with the issues often seen. Holterman has a serious ambition in mind and he has the willpower to do what he needs to make sure it happens.


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