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Dr. Mark Holterman Improves Hospital Conditions For Children In Vietnam

A career in medicine can be significantly rewarding, but it takes an extreme amount of patience and compassion. Caring for others often requires you to set your own needs aside, and that’s what doctors and medical professionals do every day. A native of Wisconsin, Dr. Mark Holterman is a compassionate pediatric surgeon, educator, and philanthropist. While he is committed to providing quality care to children in his community, his role as a philanthropist has proved to be the most rewarding. As one of the leaders and visionaries behind Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN), Dr. Holterman is changing lives for children in Vietnam, and around the world.


The Journey of Dr. Mark Holterman

In 2007, while visiting Vietnam, Dr. Holterman visited the largest pediatric hospital in the county, accompanied by his wife Ai-Xuan. The couple was shocked to see how overcrowded the facilities were and quickly grew concerned about the sanitation of the hospital. Upon meeting with the hospital’s chief surgeon, they learned that the reason behind the overcrowding was due to the lack of quality healthcare available in more rural areas of Vietnam. Concerned for the health and safety of Vietnams pediatric patients, Dr. Holterman and his wife began a partnership with the chief surgeon to help make pediatric care more readily available for all families in Vietnam.

Aside from improving healthcare and hospital conditions in Vietnam, the organization is focused on reducing the number of hospital infections that affect a significant amount of patients each year and seeking to supply facilities in these communities with newer, sterile equipment. The organization also plans to establish clinics in rural areas of Vietnam soon.

Dr. Holterman’s commitment to providing quality pediatric care extends far beyond the operation room. He is a great example of compassion and dedication. His contributions both in the world of medicine and philanthropy are saving lives every day, giving families hope and the care they deserve.


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