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Dr. Mark Holterman Seeking To Help Children

Dr. Mark Holterman is busy to say the least. As a surgeon, researcher and educator, his time is highly sought after and he feels the pulls of his responsibilities. But Dr. Holterman is passionate about his endeavors to help the children of Vietnam through the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam. Their goal is to save the lives of children in this country through their medical services.

Dr. Holterman came from simple beginnings growing up on a farm in Wisconsin. His family farm is how his parents made a living and neither of them had gone to college (Markjholtermans). As a young man Mark was an exceptional student. At the encouragement of his high school teacher Mark ended up at Yale and loved it. He majored in Biology and then continued his education at the University of Virginia medical school. Ultimately he became a medical scientist and pediatrician.

His medical career has lasted more than two decades and he has grown in professional experience. Dr. Holterman currently serves as the CEO of Mariam Global Health, is also a member of the faculty at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. There he teaches courses in pediatrics and surgery. He is currently practicing pediatric surgery at the Children’s Hospital of Illinois, St.Francis Medical Center and at the University of Illinois Hospital facilities. He maintains two medical offices in Illinois, located in Mayfield and Peoria.

Mark Holterman is one of the founders of IPSAC-VN. The foundation came to be unexpectedly after Dr. Holterman and his wife made a trip to Vietnam. In 2007 Dr. Holterman and his wife made a trip back to her native land of Vietnam where they visited the largest hospital for children in Ho Chi Minh City. They found the hospital to be over crowded and lacked doctors to treat the children. Dr. Holterman and his wife soon realized the lack of hospitals and doctors not only in Ho Chi Minh City but across the country. Parents struggled to find medical help for their children. They knew they needed to help and they established International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam, to help provide better medical care and supplies for the children of the nation.


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