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Susan McGalla Is Excited About The New Pittsburgh Steeler Experience

Susan McGalla is a branding specialist who currently manages the pro shops and fan memorabilia departments of the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers. She’s been at work not only having jerseys and even retro gear designed to appeal to different fan demographics, but she also has been doing things to the Steeler’s pro shop and its website. The in-store experience in the pro shop has been enhanced by having decor giving fans the feeling of walking into a football world and is tailored to making their experience one that they’ll want to take photos of and share with others. The website has been customized to having new navigation panes and is much more friendly now to mobile devices. McGalla has over 30 years of experience in delivering apparel and company branding strategies.

Susan McGalla got her business degree from Mount Union College in Ohio but moved to Pittsburgh in 1984 where she first brought her product strategy ideas to the Joseph Horne company. 10 years later she joined the corporate merchandising department at American Eagle Outfitters where she was in charge of rolling out different women’s attire. She offered a lot of fresh marketing ideas during her time there and earned a promotion from Regional Merchandising Officer to Chief Merchandising Officer and company president. The company grew in both size and sales and saw an increase particularly in female customers during her time there. After 16 years of serving at American Eagle, McGalla moved on to other business consulting gigs. She has previously been on the Board of Directors at HFF Inc., a former member of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development and is currently a consultant at P3 Executive Consulting when she isn’t busy in her role at the Pittsburgh Steeler’s merchandising department.

McGalla has told news outlets inquiring about her rise to executive position that she has never used gender as a means to try and gain an advantage. She says her parents always taught her that being a female gave her no privilege and she knew she would need to work as hard as her two older brothers to succeed in life. McGalla continues to bring this message in her mentoring conferences and blogs that she publishes directed at women in business.


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