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Malcolm CasSelle: Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, and Virtual Asset Exchange Revolutionary

Any time you hear of an individual who can claim true success in a wide variety of disciplines, it can certainly be awe-inspiring. This does not make the individual any greater than anyone else as everyone is human at the end of the day. However, this does not diminish the fact that in order to achieve such levels of success they must have applied an intense level of focus and dedication to their endeavors. Malcolm CasSelle is an individual who fits the mold that has just been described.

You may not believe it, but Malcolm CasSelle has been a successful venture capitalist in addition to successfully helping several startup companies launch their organizations and has been able to hold several leadership positions in a number of Internet and technology corporations. If that were not enough, he has also just launched a new company that promises to revolutionize the virtual asset exchange industry.

Malcolm Casselle

Malcolm CasSelle is not only a highly motivated individual but is also highly intelligent and possesses a high degree of sophistication. He is able to speak English Japanese and Mandarin which makes him one of the few individuals of American dissent that can claim to be truly trilingual. He holds two degrees both in computer science. Massachusetts Institute of Technology awarded him a bachelors degree in computer science, while Stanford University bestowed a Masters degree in the same field on to Malcolm CasSelle.

Due to the unique combination of both expertise and knowledge that he possesses Malcolm CasSelle has been able to identify issues that have been inherent in the virtual asset exchange industry for the entirety of its existence and develop solutions in order to eliminate them forever. The two biggest issues that are part of the virtual asset exchange industry a result of the centralization of typical exchanges. Malcolm CasSelle’s new company, Worldwide Asset Exchange, is going to decentralized the industry by implementing the same technology that bitcoin is based upon, the technology of blockchain. By decentralizing the industry the issues of geographic fragmentation, which causes users to increase their expense needlessly, and fraudulent activity should be nearly entirely eliminated.


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