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The Career Path Of Brian Torchin To Founding The HCRC Staffing

The career path of Brian Torchin started off at the University of Delaware where he studied later being rewarded with the Bachelor of Science. The passion that he had in the healthcare industry started off when he was still young. Getting the degree was the kickstart of his career since he joined the chiropractic practice and he used the knowledge that he had attained very well. While offering his services, there was one thing that Brian Torchin noticed so prevalent in the healthcare industry is that it was not easy getting a job. Since in the healthcare industry, the jobs were not being advertised the right way, so before someone could get the position, it became too hectic. That was an open chance for him, and that’s the main reason that he started HCRC staffing. The primary goal that the company had is they will be able to assist the people in the healthcare industry get employment. View CNN iReport about Brian Torchin

Since the company was founded, it has been able to achieve a lot and at the same time grow to what it is right now with over 2000 clients. It has expanded to other parts of the country like the Canada, America, and Australia. With that, he ensures that the company will continue growing. The services that will be offered by HCRC staffing is that they will provide the people that want employment with clients that are looking employees to hire. With that, the employers will benefit from getting an employee that is well trained, and the employees will get the help too.

For Brian Torchin Facebook, he is active in the posting of the people that his company is looking to hire. The one that he posted recently was that he was looking for a chiropractor that would like to work at flower mound Texas. On his Facebook, it’s well detailed with what he does as he has mentioned that at HCRC he is the managing partner. In Philadelphia, there was a clinic that he operated. With the experience that he has gained over the years, he has been able to offer the needed services to the people and be the founder of other companies.


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