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All You Need To Know About Southridge Capital

Based in Connecticut, Southridge Capital is a private equity investment company founded by Stephen M. Hicks in 1966. The primary goal of its establishment was helping the general public to manage their finances and financial crisis like debts. It accomplishes these goals through providing investment banking services as well as securities brokerage services to their clients. To ensure that they provide excellent investment banking services, Southridge has partnered with two brilliant investment networks: Venture Round and Raft International. The two offer component-based solutions to energy companies and banks that specialize in risk management applications. In relation to brokerage services, the company does this through selling and buying assets on behalf of their clients upon their request. For more details visit Bloomberg.




Currently, the firm has branches in East coast, United States, New England, Ridgefield, and Northeastern. Although each branch can operate with a minimum of 11 employees, it has employed up to 50 workers for smooth completion of tasks at a specially designated time. Since its beginning in 1996, Southridge Capital has undergone two significant development achievements. Firstly, the company has been able to experience massive organic growth. Additionally, the private equity firm has acquired the Double Alpha Group (a quantitative trading hedge fund earthed in New York). This has enabled the company to provide differentiated products and services to its clients hence expanding its market. You can check out




There is a range of reasons why Southridge Capital tops the list of best financial service providers. To begin with, the company offers low rates for any services provided unlike majority of similar companies out here. Secondly, there is no need to worry if you have personalized financial crisis because the company does not only provide financial help to companies but individuals as well. Lastly, the workers are professionals and very friendly hence respond to queries timely and in a desirable manner. If you have been wondering which firm to trust with your financial problems or financial management strategies, then clearly, Southridge Capital is the firm to consider. For more information about their financial services consider visiting their website or their pages on various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


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