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Founder of Infinity, Graeme Holm

Infinity’s entire strategy is entirely different because the company takes time to fact-find as well as going into details to understand household expenses including continuous family needs. Infinity involves clients in their meetings as a means of working with them to fully understand their needs and find better ways of helping them. Working with their clients helps the company to fine-tune as well as assist its customers in coming up with weekly budgets for such items like and not limited to fuels, weekly groceries, and entertainment and travel expenses. Infinity comes at that moment when the client’s loan has been approved and settled, and the job of the traditional broker is over. With Infinity, each customer is allocated personal banker to assist them to pay the loan off as fast as possible. The company prides in one of its significant accomplishments in 2018 of being able to reduce about $96,271 within 12 months from a young family couple.

Infinity provides its clients with performance reports every month which makes them determine whether they should adjust their family budget or if they are operating within their set goals as well as expectations. Moreover, the company clients receive six-month reviews to ensure client success including a complete commitment to decreasing family mortgages. At Infinity Company, every dollar has a purpose, and the company dedicates its time to bring out the difference between a want and a need while ensuring customers are responsible for their goals.

According to Graeme Holm, founder of Infinity the company is yet to find somebody it is not able to help and he is confident that suck kind of situation will never come. At the moment the company can deal with the issues that all its clients bring to the table, and the company has a spectrum of clients from all sorts of life. Graeme Holm goes ahead to say that the fee that the company charges help in establishing the debt reduction model and give them to the personal bankers. Additionally, the company’s approach has received good reception among its clients. For example, the clients can have some good time with their families without having to worry about their bills because somebody is taking care of them. Besides, Optus Business Awards 2017 nominated Infinity for customer service experience company of the year.

Graeme Holm has been working in the financial services industry for over 17 years. He has finished accreditations across real estate, finance, and financial planning. Graeme claims that his day has two segments: transactional which he hands over to the specific staff as well as transformational which he attends to personally. Graeme collaborates with other industry professionals to come up with ideas. The company also engages its employees through a suggestion box to share innovative ideas as well.

Graeme’s advice to the young people is that one should never deal with people who do not have integrity as well as an active set of morals. Moreover, he claims that individuals should always remain true to themselves as well as their dreams and passion. ‘Don’t compete, Dominate. Together we are strong.’ Learn more:

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