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Equestrian And Business Owner, Milan Kordestani Is Still A Teenager

Milan Kordestani has impressive talents for such a young person and has drawn a lot of attention throughout the country from his hometown of Stanford. He has founded Milan Farms to bring light on the safety and health of agriculture as well as many other subjects to make improvements to the world for everyone. As an equestrian that has won various awards already, he is quite far ahead of his peers that are only just beginning to start focusing on what they will do for a career. Milan Kordestani is just a teen but already an accomplished business owner and published author.

Ever since he was young, Milan Kordestani was showing off his talents and his desire to succeed. By the age of 10, Milan attended Phillips Brooks Elementary in England before returning to California due to his parent’s divorce. During this time, Milan Kordestani began taking horse riding lessons and this is when he was noticed for being an equestrian, calming both a horse and himself after being thrown to the ground. Milan has shown his exceptional natural talent and desire to perform hard work to do good things.

As a horse rider, Milan has placed fourth and second at the World Championship Horse Show as well as won the triple crown first leg back in 2015. Perhaps what is most impressive about his accomplishments in horse riding is the fact that he has done it alongside starting up and managing a business as well as finishing out his schooling.

Milan was still only in his second year of high school when he first founded Milan Farms and he has still managed to successfully expand the company dramatically over the past three years. Milan has brought his own innovations to the industry as well, being the first and only farmer out there to grow pure saffron hydroponically. Milan is also constantly working to improve the environmental aspects of Milan Farms, experimenting with safer and cleaner cleanup methods.


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