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What Sussex Healthcare Is Looking For In Its Caregivers

Sussex Healthcare is a privately owned company that operates in Sussex County, England. They provide care homes for elderly people and other support services. A large number of their residents are mentally frail with Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia. They also provide specialized care to those adults who have learning or physical difficulties. They were founded in 1998 but two businessmen, Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani.

This company creates custom care plans for each of its residents. They organize activities for the residents, offer physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, medical care. They also make sure the residents have social activities and fun things for them to engage in both solo and in groups. They manage a large gym that they take the residents to by bus where they can work out and maintain their range of movement. Visit CompanyCheck to learn more.

Sussex Healthcare is now looking to hire caregivers and support staff at several of its 20 homes plus at its headquarters in Horsham, West Sussex. This includes assistants who are responsible for things such as providing customized treatments, helping people who have questions, guiding clients during their visits to the gym, and providing any medical care a resident needs. Each new caregiver is trained by a teacher and the managers at this firm. The most important requirement for a caregiver is to be very friendly and willing to get to know each resident where they will be working.

Sussex Healthcare has beautiful homes it operates. One of these is called The Granary. This home is dedicated to helping people who have neurological disorders. They have a very skilled nursing staff here who are versed in conditions such as multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s Disease, and cerebral palsy. This is the smallest Sussex Healthcare home as it only has four living units, all located on the first floor. Each room is equipped with medical devices and the latest technology. The people who stay at The Granary need long-term neurological care and the assistance of caregivers to do their daily living activities. Among the things residents can enjoy here are therapy pools, therapeutic amenities, and a salt cave.

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