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Gulf Coast Western Company

Origin and services

The Gulf Coast Western is a privately owned company based in Dallas, USA. It specializes in acquiring domestic oil and gas products from the Gulf coast western region. The company has about one hundred employees who put much effort to improve the services in oil and gas reserves company. The current CEO to the company is Matthew Fleeger who`s also the director and the president. Fleeger has gained plenty of experience in the oil and gas industry as he has worked as a leader in various oil and gas related industries. He studied at Southern Methodist University in different departments such as finance and sales marketing.

Gulf Coast Western Company has been in services from 1970 their capital being in Dallas with other operative branches in Colorado, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. The primary goal of the company is to explore oil and gas products in at least a thousand acres of land and expand its services all over the USA by releasing more oil and gas products from the affluent areas. The company acts as a managing venture to the partnership with oil and gas products. This idea will succeed after considering the geological and geophysical factors, and ensuring that the selected area meet the intended criteria which will contribute to the success of their partners financially.

The company aims at maintaining an open and transparent relationship through honesty and integrity to their accredited partners who in return gain trust and respect for the company. This openness has always been the contributing factor to the company‚Äôs success. The company has been involved in giving back to the community through its supports Humanitarian Aid Organizations such as “the Family Place,” “smile train,” and “the Parish Episcopal school” which are concerned in raising the well-being and the health status of the society.

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