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Rebel Wilson: Nothing but Success

Rebel Wilson is probably one of the most well-known comedians today – and it’s clearly because of her very unique personality and her out of this world sense of humor. Her childhood spent in Australia and her modern take on American humor has been bought by the audience and has surmounted to her career’s success.

Rebel Wilson is an all-around package, which sets her apart from other actresses in Hollywood. She acts, dances, sings and she’s an expert in making people laugh – how can you compete with that?

Rebel Wilson was most popular for her supporting role in the Pitch Perfect franchise – but now she was rewarded with a main role in a major Hollywood Film: Isn’t It Romantic. In this movie she co-stars with another Hollywood superstar, Liam Hemsworth, and it is the first movie where she plays the lead role. Isn’t It Romantic is a romantic-comedy film that is set to release on February 2019. Rebel Wilson’s fanbase is nothing but excited for another sure-success movie by the Australian bombshell. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

Now, Rebel Wilson isn’t just a successful 30-something-year old woman, she also stands for causes like feminism and body positivity. Rebel Wilson is actually just a regular person like any other, maybe that’s why she is so easy to relate with and people just fall in love with her so quickly.

Rebel Wilson: Her Love for Food and Diet

Rebel Wilson is known for being on the heavier side of the spectrum – but this doesn’t bother her one bit. But of course, being in the presence of the public eye, and in the presence of the media of Hollywood – she has taken eating more healthily and exercising more often into consideration.

Rebel Wilson says that she has been trying to eat and consume more green food, she’s been trying the green juice cleanse and trying gluten-free food.

Not only for her public image, but also for health reasons. Though, she doesn’t take it too seriously – she still consumes guilty pleasures like ice cream, but not on a regular basis. Rebel Wilson just rewards herself with sinful food when there are really good days where she celebrates success, or really bad ones when she needs a pick me up.

Rebel Wilson: Body Positivity

Rebel Wilson is the kind of person who couldn’t care less on what she looks like; she has always love the skin that she is in, and she admires all shapes and sizes – she says that your body does not define how beautiful you are as a person.

This is why Rebel Wilson has also launched her own clothing line that celebrates every single body shape and size. Rebel Wilson is now a representation of what it likes to be completely body positive, a beacon of self-love and a champion for women everywhere.

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