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An Avid Reader to the Rescue: Sandy Chin Reading Program

Sandy Chin is a name that should inspire every person to take more of an initiative in their community. Although Sandy spent twenty years in the financial sector and now owns her own hedge fund company, Tidal Bore Capital, she is much more than that. She is a mother of two. She is a dog lover. And among all, Chin is an avid reader who believes that others should have to joy of discovering new worlds through the power of words.

As a mother, her goal is to mold the mind of her children, which she has done an amazing job at. But being maternal not only means caring for your own child but for children in general. That is why according to Daily Forex Report, when Sandy Chin saw a problem at her son’s school, PS11, she rose to the occasion to fix it. That is not someone the average person would do.

PS11, also known as William T. Harris School, educate many different types of students, most of them coming from low-income families. Low-income families generally care about getting food on the table and making rent for the month, not whether their child is reading over the summer. It’s simply not a priority. It should be considered a priority, though. Going a whole summer break without reading allows a child to forget everything they were taught during the school year. Some of the children even drop an entire reading level in that time frame.

Sandy Chin was determined not to see this happen to the children of PS11. She organized a book drive program called “Books, Boxes, and Bodies” to raise books for each child to have a treasure of their choosing. Yes, there were a few learning curves for Sandy, seeing as this was the first time she had ever organized an event of this magnitude, but at the end of the day, the program was a success. Sandy and the volunteers ended up raising over 3000 books for the school. They even took the time to organize the books into categories based off reading levels. One lucky child even got to leave with a “whole slew of books.”


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