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The Secret Behind the Success of Talkspace

Talkspace is a therapist-messaging application developed by Oren Frank, and it has become hugely successful because of the number of people who opted to use the services. According to Oren Frank, the creation of Talkspace is purely an accident. He was going under extreme problems about his marriage when he had the idea of contacting a therapist using his smartphone. He thought to himself that he should be creating an application for people who wanted to speak with their therapists even if they are far away. Using the technology used in creating video calls, Oren Frank decided to create Talkspace and promoted it heavily around the world. Read more Talkspace reviews at

At first, people who have heard about the service thought that it might be a great application to call someone, and soon, groups started to appear on the applications. However, Oren Frank wanted communication between everyone to become as smooth sailing as possible. There, he had the chance to contact other people who might be interested in his project and asked for their investment. Talkspace grew larger and larger as more investors are putting in money into the company. Talkspace would later invite therapists who can work with different people, and those who have seen the magic in using the application are saying that it effectively creates a bridge between an individual and the patient.

With Talkspace, people have the option to contact their therapists easily, and they will be given different exercises that they can follow to lower down the attacks associated with their condition. Therapists who are speaking with their patients through Talkspace are saying that working on the internet might be a great idea to meet hundreds of new people. Another major contributor to the growth of Talkspace would be the strong word of mouth that has been circulating about the grand services provided by the app.

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