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Barbara Stokes, an Expert In Disaster Relief

Barbara Stokes, CEO of Green Structure Homes of Alabama, a disaster relief contractor based in Huntsville, Alabama, is heavily involved in disaster relief construction with FEMA. Barbara Stokes’ education in biomedical engineering and physics and her knowledge of manufacturing and thermodynamics as well as her expertise in government contracting processes make her an expert in the process of overseeing a range of modular to on-site construction. GSH was awarded the $28.5 million-dollar contract after Hurricane Harvey. Read more about Barbara Stokes at Affiliatedork.

GSH is able to provide temporary housing in disaster areas within a few days, close to where people have lived, sometimes even in their driveways. GSH can also provide structures for commercial use, providing goods and jobs and services. It can often take a long time for victims to get through the process of recovery, and GSH helps them remain in their community where they get support by being where they belong and where they can be part of the recovery process, giving them a purpose. It’s a game changer compared to being sent to live in an emergency shelter or a motel. Visit Gazetteday to know more about Barbara.

Barbara Stokes also participates in charitable endeavors. Recently Habitat for Humanity was the recipient of building materials donated by GSH. These materials were new, not left-over scraps. The materials were transported by GSH trucks to Habitat for Humanity. In addition to donating the materials, Barbara Stokes’ aim was to ignite a culture of donating and volunteering in disaster areas, in this case, specifically in Madison County.

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