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Ashley Lightspeed Is Conversant With The Digital Media Sector

The recent advancements in technology have led to the formation of many digital media startup companies. Despite the high competition in the industry, investors are still holding on. Ashley Brasier is one of the investors who has invested in digital media. She is also a partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners. As an entrepreneur, Ashley Lightspeed has been able to identify the potential that lies in the digital media industry.

About Ashley Lightspeed

Digital media is an industry that involves the transmission of digitized content through computer networks or the internet. Various communication platforms such as audio, text, video, and graphics are used. Digital media is meant to avail content to the audience. Since technology is growing fast, it has also contributed to the replacement of various traditional methods that were used to present the information to a particular audience. Eco-friendly practices are also being implemented.

Newspapers have started to experience lower profit margins since many people are looking for information from online news sources. Hedge funds have been able to take over these media companies that propagate information through traditional techniques such as newspapers. At the moment, people are paying for a monthly subscription to access these newspapers. It is better than receiving a newspaper at your doorstep.

Recently, Lightspeed ventures realized that it is important to have an established audience. The venture capital firm has invested in many startup companies. After investing in the digital media industry, they had to seek ways in which they could enhance the success of corporations in this industry. The company has also partnered with Ashley Lightspeed. Ashley has displayed a specific prowess when it comes to identifying opportunities in the digital media industry. The partnership will prove to be fruitful eventually since Ashley possesses knowledge about media and entertainment as well as business. She also has an undergraduate degree in visual and media studies. Read more:

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