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DonataMeirelles an HIV Advocate

DonataMerirelles is known as the style director of vogue in Brazil. She has done wonders for the fashion industry, including the role of a fashion consultant. Donata is very passionate about the work she does, but she is also passionate about other things. Donata is an advocate for the AIDS research. She is very passionate about the cause and makes it known to her almost half a million followers and fans. She is using her popular platform to spread the cause to more and more people. She wants her followers and fans involved in the fight against HIV and AIDS. Donata has helped the foundation form a wider audience and donations. Visit her on Instagram for updates.

Donata recently heard the news that the second person was cured from AIDS, and like many AIDS and HIV supporters, she was beyond excited. She has been involved in the research for years, and this is a huge stepping stone for supporters. She said, “I am very happy to read the news about the second AIDS cure case. Eight years ago, I was introduced to amfAR by a friend. I was very moved by the cause and by the relentless pursuit of the cure of AIDS. Since then, my family and I have been actively involved in the cause in many ways. I’m really glad we’re on the right track.”

The AIDS foundation receives support through events that raises them money and donates items to sell. Donata is always a part of these events and auctions. Celebrities such as; Kate Hudson, Scarlett Johansson, and Uma Thurman have all donated items to auction at these events. The most recent event Cannes, France raised about $20 million, which is record breaking. The Countdown to Cure foundation has a goal of gaining $100 million dollars towards the foundation. Their hope is to change the world through this research, and to change the lives of those suffering from HIV and AIDS.  To learn more about Donata Meirelles visit at

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