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Ashley Lightspeed and the Pace of Innovation

Ashley Lightspeed and others of her ilk would realize that it is not game over until it really is game over. That is why Ashley Lightspeed and others are able to step it up a notch and get to where they need to be with their investments.

She would see this with other investors in their investments in Uber and other companies.

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For instance, Uber has been able to now integrate with public transportation in a small sense.

Those who are interested at seeing this feature in action could simply go to their Uber app and go through options to book a ride. The usual options such as UberX and UberBlack would of course be available in the app. But now, the option of UberTransit also shows up, much to Uber’s pride.

Despite the name, UberTransit doesn’t involve Uber’s vehicular operations by any means – at least for now. It only lists the transit options available on hand. That, in Denver’s case, comes in the form of the RTD bus and train.

The ticketing information uses real-time data, so that anyone buying a ticket doesn’t have to go through outdated information about the service, timings, or availability. Users could simply go through the provided information and make their purchase directly from the app, all while having the assurance that the availability options they are being shown come directly from RTD itself.

From there, they are given a QR code as their ticket purchase confirmation. They could use the QR code to verify their ticket at a Denver RTD bus or train ride.

This is why it pays to stay in the game and keep on keeping on. Uber has not just progressed from one level to the next, it has been able to dominate and become the player across the world.

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