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Improving Lives with Aaron Lupuloff

Aaron Lupuloff is the Senior Executive Director of GCPS Foundation. The foundation provides fund scholarships, forward-thinking programs and so much more. It educates, encourages and embraces all of the students who attend the public schools in the community. GCPS is a diverse foundation. It allows its students to be able to work and study in an enriching environment and supply all of the equipment that’s needed so that they will one day be successful later in life.

Graduating from the University of Alabama, Aaron Lupuloff received a degree in Business Administration. With two decades of experience under his belt, Lupuloff was also a member of the management team for Bear Stearns/JP Morgan, a banking institute. He also was a managing director with Raymond Janes, a well-known investment bank and financial services company.

Since 1982, Aaron Lupuloff has worked in the financial service business. Alongside Lupuloff in business affairs, is his wife Jan. The both of them serve on the University of Georgia Student Board. They also support other organizations that are steadfast in helping improving lives and serving the communities around them.

There were six new honorees inducted into the Gwinnett County Sports Hall of Fame. University of Alabama coach, Nick Saban was the Inductee Keynote Speaker. One of the honorees was David Saville. Saville is a close friend of Aaron Lupuloff. He was recognized for his hard work and became inducted into the Gwinnett County Public Schools Hall of Fame May of 2019. David Saville gave an inspiring speech to others that were being honored. You can visit to see more.

David Saville graduated from Clemson University. Although he has Down syndrome, he does not allow that to stand in the way of what he believes in. David has great community strength and even he was recognized in such an honorable way from the foundation, he also earned recognition from the Walter Camp Football Foundation, which he received an American Hero Award.


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