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Ted Bauman: Financial Writer

Economist Ted Bauman has been a consultant for international governments and the United Nations. This experience has provided him with the knowledge of how politics and economics affect societies. Presently, he is the editor of The Bauman Letter, a publication that specializes in asset protection issues.

In 2013, Mr. Bauman worked as a part-time editor for Banyan Hill Publishing. His experiences in writing for this company served him well when he began a newsletter called “The Bauman Letter.” This publication offers advice on securing and preserving wealth by providing subscribers investment tips and creative strategies designed to help them. Also, Ted Bauman recently began a weekly stock trading service called “Smart Money.” This service provides his business perspective and investment tips as an aid to those interested in this field.

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When asked why he decided to start his business, Bauman replied that he was always interested in preserving the rights of others and protecting them from governmental threats and threats from large corporations. Acting on the urging of his father, Ted Bauman became a financial writer. Because of his experience in South America where he had gone to college and worked, his success came quickly because he had gleaned the knowledge of economics and was, therefore, able to create content that was of practical interest to readers. And, because his father was a financial writer, Ted Bauman had name recognition to help promote him with the public, leading to his financial success.

Being a financial writer has provided Ted Bauman with a sense of worth. He looks forward to providing advice to people and providing them with realistic examples that will help them learn more about the financial industry so that they can profit from wise decisions. Bauman also hopes to gain more followers for his newsletters and financial services because he delights in offering advice that leads more people to selecting investments that will profit them.


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