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LocationSmart Can Now Be Found In Canada

On November 7, 2018, LocationSmart made the announcement that they were expanding their services into the country of Canada.

And since LocationSmart currently serves as the world’s largest location-as-a-service platform, the Canadian expansion means that LocationSmart will only continue to grow and expand. In fact, LocationSmart is in the process of expanding its business to reach international levels. Canada is only a part of its ever-growing expansion.

LocationSmart offers consent-based Cloud Location services with a secure carrier network location. This means that consumers must agree to LocationSmart being able to pinpoint their approximate location. This technology is used for a variety of services that include more than just using it for your car’s GPS.

With their Canadian expansion, over 90 percent of Canadian mobile users will now have access to LocationSmart technology and services. Once consumers have given their consent to the service, LocationSmart will be able to enhance the customer experience on mobile platforms. This includes tablets, feature phones, smartphones, and all similar devices. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Owler

This also means that LocationSmart will be able to provide real-time location updates for a variety of uses that are critical in this fast-paced world. These include GPS traffic updates, roadside assistance, gaming, weather updates, and more. LocationSmart can be used both indoors and outdoors with seamless implementation.

The CEO of LocationSmart, Mario Proietti, has said that he hopes the Canadian expansion will pave the way for new opportunities for businesses and consumers alike. To date, many Canadian customers are already successfully using LocationSmart functions following the Beta testing period. Proietti also said that he hopes the Canadian expansion will help customers explore new possibilities with this technology.

LocationSmart is operated out of Carlsbad, California. Some of the platform services they offer include location, messaging, device profile, privacy, geofencing, reporting, and carrier services. The company services over 15 billion connected devices all across the globe. Several Fortune 500 companies are serviced by LocationSmart, at this time.

LocationSmart was founded in 1995 by Masoud Motamedi and Mario Proietti. In recent year, the company also acquired Locaid, which used to be a competitor of LocationSmart. They provide real-time data location services for many United States cellular companies.

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