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Business Owner Pleasantly Surprised ByTalkspace Experience

Harris J., an owner of an agronomy consulting service in Illinois, decided that signing up to Talkspace was worth a try.

Talkspace is an online mental healthcare app that can be accessed anywhere from a smartphone, tablet or home computer. The crushing daily schedule of owning and operating a successful business meant Harris had practically no time to travel to a therapist’s office and “sit for an hour on a couch” to talk about his problems.

At first, Harris was disappointed that Talkspace’s matching process did not pair him with a therapist near his own geographic location. But then again, why should it matter? That’s what Harris concluded. With an app like Talkspace, the therapist could be located on the top of a mountain in Tibet and the result would be the same, Harris said. They would still talk one-on-one in real time.

Harris admits he was pleasantly surprised after the very first text session with his therapist. What he liked was his mental health professional’s ability to use unique and pithy analogies to help him frame his issues and see them in a different light. He was expecting his Talkspace provider to spew some of the same “cliché lines” you often hear from psychologists. This seemed to be different, however. Check out this article at Talkspace to know more.

As his sessions continued onTalkspace, Harris was again surprised when his therapist decided it would be a good idea for him to speak to another counselor. He was offered a referral. He had reached a point with his current therapist that made him ready to tackle some deeper issues. His current therapist said he needed a certain “other skill set” and was referred to someone who specialized in that area.

For Harris, Talkspace was a positive experience. He felt he was always in competent hands. He added that seeing a “real person” could hardly have been better and would have been way more expensive.


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