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Ted Bauman Giving Lessons on Asset Protection

Financial expert Ted Bauman has some advice for people who are trying to truly protect their assets. He states it would be beneficial to keep a portion of you wealth in a secure safe deposit box at a bank or in a foreign vault. These are measures that can be taken to protect a portion of your assets if a disaster occurs. What makes Ted Bauman an expert in giving this advice is his experience. Ted Baumans entire career has been helping individuals to protect their resources. So this is why investors always listen to the advice that he gives because he is proven. Ted Bauman has a very diverse background and this includes working on an international level. He is an economist by trade and spent many years working in South Africa before returning back to the states. In South Africa he held many different leadership positions and executive roles for hedge funds, non profit companies, and low cost housing projects. Follow Ted Bauman at

Ted Bauman returned to the states in 2008. When he returned to the states he decided to set up his homestead here in Atlanta, Georgia. Once he returned he had already had a mindset on creating his own company and newsletters to educate investors on every level. He then went on to join Banyan Hill Publishing. He is not just a writer for the company but he is also an editor for Banyan Hill Publishing as well. There are three financial newsletters that Mr. Bauman has published by Banyan Hill and they are Alpha Stock Alert, Plan B Club, and The Bauman Letter. All these newsletters are excellent and provide great invest information but most investors and readers gravitate toward The Bauman Letter. The Bauman letter is not just the most successful financial newsletter for Ted Bauman but it the best letter that Banyan Hill Publishes. What makes it the best is because it has the most subscribers than any news letter that is begin Published by Banyan Hill.

Mr. Bauman is an expert in what he does and it is proven by his work history and the results all his readers get who follow his advice that he provides in his financial newsletter. The most impressive thing is having the number one financial newsletter with a huge publishing company like Banyan Hill speaks volumes about the content and the proven information that he provides in The Bauman Letter. Read:

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