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Jeunesse Global Cares About Their Employees

One of the ways that the public can tell that a company cares about its employees is when that company takes the time to compete for awards in the area of company excellence. One example is when a company like Jeunesse Global wins an award from the industry newspaper known as Direct Selling Now


The newspaper puts together a survey once per year to try to determine which companies in the direct selling space are the most employee friendly. They want to know about employee satisfaction as much as they want to know about customer satisfaction. This helps them figure out which kind of places stand out from the crowd. 


This year was the third year in total that Jeunesse Global has been honored by winning the award for being a top place to work in the direct selling space. It was definitely something that the company has been proud of, and they are touting this accomplishment as much as they possibly can. 


Jeunesse Global isn’t just some fly by night operation. They are located in more than 100 countries and serve millions of customers every year. Not only that, but the company also helps a lot of people earn a little extra money by being a distributor of their products. In this way they are helping both the customers and the people who decide to be distributors. 


The people who spend their time working in the corporate offices of Jeunesse Global are also treated to a lot of perks that make them happy. This is how the company was able to win the award yet again this year. They offer employees the ability to take unlimited PTO time as needed. They compliment that with a lot of on-site wellness programs that help their employees stay more fit and healthy for a happier life. 


An employer who goes out of its way to do all of the things just described here is clearly one that is deserving of some top honors. It is so wonderful now that Jeunesse Global is beginning to get the respect that they deserve from the industry that they operate in.

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