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Gwinnett County Public School system has started a foundation that is passionate about helping children succeed in creating a better future for the leaders of tomorrow .The foundation is named Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation. The Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation funds school scholarships, supports teaching and learning, has developed a leadership program and is growing rapidly throughout the community. The foundation’s goal is to be able to help over the 180,000 plus students who are within the Gwinnett Public County School System. The senior executive of the Gwinnett County public school system is Aaron C. Lupuloff.

Aaron Lupuloff is a longtime community advocate in Gwinnett County. Mr. Lupuloff is originally from Norcross and begin his community work at Norcross high school; in which he started a foundation for excellence. The Norcross High School Foundation supports academics, art, sports and provides immediate attention to parents and teachers in need. The foundation has been helping students and parents teachers for over two decades. Aaron C. Lupuloff has taken on many roles within the Norcross High School Foundation. He has sat as the President, Vice President and Treasurer. His experience working with the Norcross High School Foundation made him an expert and perfect candidate when it came to starting Gwinnett County Public School Foundation. The Gwinnett County Public School Foundation has small weekly meeting with your called whiteboard sessions. During these meetings all activist invited come together and brainstorm. Mr. Lupuloff believes It is important to ask everyone in the community for their opinion and not just focus on having individuals make a monetary donation. However, the majority of the money within the foundation goes towards funding scholarships for students who want to attend historically black colleges, some of the money goes toward paying for SAT testing and ACT testing. In some rare cases the foundation also pays for teachers to attend leadership conferences and robotic competitions.

According to, Mr. Lupuloff is also open about his entrepreneurial skills and business skills. He thinks that many people should look into becoming Angel Investors for middle school and high school students. The process is simple. People can reach out to individuals within their community, who have great ideas but they do not have the capital to fund the idea. For instance, he gives examples of individuals who goes on the television show “Shark Tank.” These individuals seek investments for a small percentage of their company.

Furthermore, Mr. Lupuloff’s daughter is well on her way to becoming a community activist and entrepreneur at such a young age. Mr. Aaron Lupuloff recently donated $500 to his daughter, Erika Lupuloff. Erika is a part of Georgia Tech’s “For the Kids” foundation and they raised over $322,000 for the Sibley Heart Institute At Children’s Hospital. We need more people like Mr.Lupuloff and his daughter all over the world.

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