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Luke Lazarus Works to Prepare Startups for Successful Entrepreneurship

 Finding Reputable Sources for Collaboration

Startups businesses need plenty of guidance today and they have plenty of opportunities to learn from others. Anyone who visits channels like YouTube® can tell that almost everyone has something to say about well, almost everything imaginable. The problem with sorting thru all the information is it is time-consuming.

Traditionally there has always been two ways to learn and both of these ways are easy to access. First, thru learning from others like universities.

Secondly, becoming an apprentice. Truthfully, both are necessary and helpful. Where can a new startup learn from someone who has thru years of experience and learning has put it all together into a nice package and has become a startup consultant. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Medium and Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO | Dougsandler

Luke Lazarus Enters to Assist

Many startups already have found that person to be Luke Lazarus. Luke demonstrated business acumen from the age of eight when he took an idea for a business and started it. After spending his early years pursuing different entrepreneurial aims he later pursued his business education at Melbourne Business School and completed an MBA at the age of 24.

Luke Lazarus was not just hanging up his jacket after arriving at the top of his academic career, but he immediately began working to build his career and at the young age of 32 he had started not one but four startups and sold them to others.

After his initial success, he began thinking of how he could translate his practical and academic success into another career and began his own startup consulting company with the goal of sharing his skills learned and experience with startups who were just beginning; in other words, people helping people, which is always ingredients for more success.

Shaping Startups

One of the key activities Luke Lazarus is keen to teach startups is to see the value of having all the requires parts of a genuine story together before they approach venture capitalist or angel investors who are in the business of helping promising startups.

Luke Lazarus believes that startups only have about thirty seconds to interest a venture capitalist in their story, so he spends time with his startups in helping them get all the parts of their story which is the heart of their business, and make a strong presentation that will connect with customers.

If they can engage and have their story connect with the investors they can have a chance to get funding to make their ideas come fully to life. Of course, all this work takes time and effort on both the startup and the mentor or consultant.

Building the Story

After the consultant leaves, they will need to stand on their own, and Luke Lazarus is deeply involved with each startup until they can get to a point of initial plans that lead to success before investors. The main point Lazarus drives forward to the startups he consults is arriving at a point that can move an investor does two important things.

First, it prepares the startup for real-world encounter regardless of investor funding. Secondly, it also makes them dig deeper into themselves to test how and why they want to tell their stories and to who their story is directed. Being able to do these two things is critical for substantial growth in the world of business.

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