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Carsten Thiel On Maintaining Integrity In The Biotech Industry


Many people are wondering how Carsten Thiel managed to accomplish so much in the biotech industry. Well, he recently sat down to discuss some of the ways in which he is attempting to improve the way they market certain types of drugs to consumers. He was in the midst of marketing a new drug designed to help those who suffer from colorectal cancer.

Commonly known as Vectibix, he discovered a biomarker which would enable medical professionals to determine whether or not the drug would be effective on each patient depending on their genetic makeup. If they chose not to divulge this information, however, many consumers could stand to lose a great deal of money but, fortunately, he rectified the situation before this product ever hit shelves. See This Page for more information.

Another project he was working on enabled him to promote a new weight loss drug commonly referred to as Xenical. During this time, Carsten Thiel discovered that they were telling consumers things about the drug that they knew they weren’t true so he confronted them about this and made sure they rectified it before the product ever went into stores.

Thiel’s integrity and compassion are two of the things that make him a role model for future generations. He learned how to be ethical when he was growing up in Berlin. He quickly proved to be an excellent student and, as such, was accepted into the University of Bristol where he would go on to major in biochemistry.

After graduating with a bachelor of science, he went on to pursue his Phd at the Max Planck Institute for biophysical chemistry. After the completion of his academic career, Carsten was offered his first job as a member of the marketing team at a company known as Hoffman Laroche. He’s been helping people ever since.


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