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Financier and Philanthropist Clement Perrette Gives Career Advice for Young Adults


In more than 20 years, Clement Perrette has built a solid reputation in the capital markets industry. Working globally from New York to Paris, his career has skyrocketed to heights he may not have foreseen. Today, he’s settled in Geneva where he currently works as a Senior Portfolio Manager for RAM Active Investments. Perrette is credited for almost tripling the company’s starting capital since joining in 2016.

While enjoying a career most would describe as illustrious, Clement Perrette has another passion – ocean preservation. His full-color, hardcover book; Call of the Blue, presents sea life in a vivid but natural setting. The purpose of this project is to bring ocean pollution and the livelihood of sea creatures to the forefront. Marine biologist Tom Hooper and ocean conservationist Phillip Hamilton collaborated, and the combined efforts have led to rave reviews from the media. The Guardian describes it as “groundbreaking” and the Sierra Club calls Hamilton’s photographed subjects “stunning”.

Following the success of Call of the Blue, he would partner with the Uproar Fund, a wildlife preservation organization. Although it seems Perrette has a busy plate, he attributes the ability to plan and be flexible creates balance in his professional life. Although many college students and aspiring financiers may wonder about his career strategy, the answer is simple.

While having ambition is good, Clement encourages forming solid relationships that last. In his professional life, he’s also learned the art of working proactively with constructive criticism and having patience.

These traits and more help Clement Perrette became a recognizable force in bringing awareness to climate change. He feels that if more people lead by example, it can positively impact future generations. Working hard to improve the environment and help those without a voice is what makes a true leader.


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