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Toyo Setal: A Company Committed In Implementing Solutions Towards A Sustainable Future

Rising temperatures and extreme weather have caused us to desperately find solutions in reducing the effects of climate change. Sustainability is at the forefront of preserving the planet. One such company, Toyo Setal, has taken great strides in their commitment to reducing waste from construction while finding solutions in the preservation of natural resources in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Toyo Setal

Toyo Setal is a private company that specializes in the engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning (EPC) of various industrial projects. Infrastructure, chemical, oil, gas, and energy are only to mention a few of the highly complex projects the company engages in. Founded in 2012, Toyo Setal is headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil.

Today, we take a look at a post on Toyo Setal’s website to see the company’s strategy towards a sustainable future. The article begins by describing the importance of sustainability, especially in today’s world. It says that, as a company, they use “smart technological solutions” during the “deployment of [their] unique sustainable processes.” The article continues and states that it is more than just meeting standards in the industry, and that going “beyond” the “environmental licensing requirements” will benefit both the community and environment. Learn more about the organizations of Toyo-Setal at

Next, the company talks about the beginning process for any particular project. They begin with an assessment and analysis of the “possible impact” the project will have on the community and the environment. From there, the company then implements environmental solutions to lessen the effect from the result of a project. The article then specifies a few of the solutions they implement. Rescue and reassignment of animals, trees transplanted to preservation areas, plantation of seedlings, and monitoring potential environmental impacts are to only name a few of the solutions the company has listed in the article.

Toyo Setal states that “transparency, social responsibility, and [environmental] preservation” is at the core of the company’s values and culture. Through their commitment towards a responsible and sustainable future, the company employs “specialized professionals” in the analysis and implementation of the company’s environmental solutions. Read:

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