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Do Not Turn Employees Away by Being Vindictive

Ashley Lightspeed may know that it is no secret that haughty bosses are one of the top reasons why any firm sees major employee turnover. No one wants to tolerate decisions driven out of pure selfishness, no matter how much it pays them in the end.

This gets more profound when the boss’ ego turns a take for vindictive behavior. This could be a direct reaction to something that an employee did, or simply an expansion of narcissism into toxic behavior.

When a boss targets an employee with hostile actions such as sudden schedule changes, overload of responsibility or shifting unfounded blame for things gone wrong, it all calls for a recipe for disaster. This especially stings more when targeted employees have done nothing wrong, or have simply committed the so called rebellion of calling the boss out on their behavior. See Related Article at

Ashley Lightspeed might see that there are structural issues in corporations and in startups when real work is not happening. Real work is defined by work that would move the needle for the corporation.

You wouldn’t be surprised to know that the White House has had the largest employee turnover during the current presidency than the tenure of any other presidents before. During the current era, people join the White House administration for mere days before they are ousted. Some are the President’s favorite people until they wrong him – after which it all takes a turn for the worst.

For certain bosses, this vindictiveness could very well branch out to other parts of their jobs. In the case of the aforementioned example, people in the current leadership and their behavior may have many different consequences.

High turnover in employees is a large cost that one must account for in companies.


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