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High Praise in Reviews for Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden has certainly built an impressive reputation, with nearly 1000 reviews falling into the five-star category. While Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews come from a plethora of sources, the bulk of the reviews can be found on Facebook and Yelp. There are a number of reviews on these platforms that are just a few sentences long stating that the office is “great,” and the experiences that the clients had were satisfactory. However, some reviews go into much more detail about the care the clients received.


One particular shining review was posted on Facebook last year in October and discussed how the client had just finished with their second operation by Dr. Walden. The client mentioned having done an ample amount of research before deciding on a plastic surgeon, but they were ultimately glad they decided to go with Dr. Walden. The client also expressed they have full trust in Dr. Walden as well as her staff. Another Dr. Jennifer Walden review on Yelp from last November detailed how the client actually met Dr. Walden several years ago in 2009 when they went to have a cosmetic procedure done. The client mentioned that the results greatly exceeded their expectations, and while they were disappointed that Dr. Walden relocated to Austin, Texas, they were still very pleased with the results from their surgery almost a decade later. A more recent review on Yelp from this past July goes as far as to state that Dr. Walden is an “artist.” The client had a procedure done 6 months ago and had a specific idea in mind of what they were looking for in terms of size, but they decided to leave the final decision up to Dr. Walden. In the end, they were very happy with the final results.

With so many positive Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews, it appears that her business will be booming for years to come.

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