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Alejandro Betancourt Lopez On Considering The Views Of Others

It is likely due to the fact that Alejandro Betancourt Lopez was raised in a family that valued the principles of education that he is so comfortable in an office work environment. Ever since he was young, he has found it easiest to work in a quiet space where people are open to express their ideas about their prospects and hopes for the company’s future, and it is because of his love for this environment that he tries to maintain a base of employees who truly care about the outcome of his company’s future.

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He believes that ensuring every single person involved with the process of business is fully on-board both physically and emotionally with what they are doing is absolutely essential. If even one person is not displaying passion for the work they are doing, this can throw off an entire team. That one person can often be enough to convince the others within the company that they do not have to exercise care or interest for the things they are doing in order to get by, and this, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has noticed, can have a “broken windows” effect on the rest of the workers. This is why he always tries to make sure that everyone has an avenue to be fully-invested with the work they are doing.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez tends to notice that the best way to ensure this reality is to assign people to jobs that they will truly and honestly care about. Without this basic characteristic, they are already at a disadvantage in a proper work environment. This is why his employee-selection process is so filtered and seemingly picky; Alejandro Betancourt Lopez simply wants to make sure that there are no weak links in his company. At the same time, he knows that it is important to consider what everyone has to say, even if it seems as though they do not care for the future of the company, as oftentimes, looks can be quite deceiving. Someone who appears lethargic and uninterested could actually just be off in their own world trying to come up with new and fresh solutions.

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