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How Brian Torchin Improved The Healthcare Industry

Brian Torchin recognized a need to improve staffing in the healthcare industry. Torchin started HCRC Staffing (HCRC) to provide competent medical personnel staffing to fill much-needed positions. HCRC is responsible for providing personnel who meet the job criteria and a desire to fill the role being advertised. Torchin earned Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Delaware and was a chiropractor prior to starting HCRC. The difficulty of doctors finding jobs was recognized as Torchin performed duties as a chiropractor, and it provided him the idea to start HCRC. Employers who chose to utilize the services of HCRC was ensured of gaining experienced medical personnel.

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Brian Torchin uses Facebook to advertise various jobs of HCRC. He manages to post he is a partner of HCRC. HCRC has grown to serve more than 200 clients under Torchin’s leadership. HCRC provides personnel for companies in Australia and Canada. Torchin believes healthcare facilities need to retain personnel. Healthcare facilities utilize the HCRC to meet the challenge of retaining talented medical personnel. Torchin recognizes the importance of having good personnel who will help a facility improve productivity, efficiency, and enhance patients’ care. HCRC allow organizations to focus on their business while HCRC will spend their time finding the person who fits the need of the company.

Brian Torchin ensures HCRC Staffing can provide counseling to healthcare facilities regarding recruitment. Some facilities will need a consultant. HCRC provides consulting to answer such questions as what some of the marketing a startup will need. Most healthcare facilities will not be charged additional cost for consulting when using HCRC as a consultant. Facilities should not be too reluctant to inform consultants of what companies stand for regarding culture and values. The consultant will be able to do a better job as a recruiter knowing more about a healthcare facility. Torchin ensures qualified personnel fills the databases of HCRC Staffing. HCRC is able to be discrete with recruiting candidates for facilities who do not want to advertise an opportunity will be open in the future. HCRC has 18 years of experience helping facilities acquire the personnel needed. Visit:

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