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Bhanu Choudhrie Follows Family Tradition By Investing With Purpose

Becoming a force in international business and philanthropy came naturally to Bhanu Choudhrie. Born in India to a lifetime achievement award-winning father, Sudhir Choudhrie, he watched global industries, humanitarian causes and political diplomacy arrive in the 21st century. Choudhrie, along with his father and brother, founded C&C Alpha Group in 2002. Based in London, the private equity fund invests in several sectors including healthcare, aviation and hospitality.

Bhanu Choudhrie primarily focuses on directing the Group’s investment strategies toward building shareholder profits. He employs a team of financial analysts, project developers and managers as well as consultants. Besides London, C&C Alpha Group has offices in the United States, United Arab Emirates and India. Choudhrie favors his native country, actively pursuing business opportunities, especially those in emerging markets.

The Choudhrie’s firm prides itself in partnering long-term with the companies it invests in. This interaction with the diverse group of entrepreneurs from varied sectors and cultures is one of Bhanu Choudhrie favorite aspects of his job. An aviation expert, Choudhrie excels in taking the firm’s Alpha Aviation Group forward. As of 2019, the subsidiary sees an annual revenue of nearly $20 million. Alpha Aviation is responsible for putting more than 350 pilots in airliners, flying for lines such as Jet Airways, Air Arabia, Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific. Choudhrie also enjoys opening hotels and learning how the next generation plans to approach health and wellness in the healthcare industry.

His enthusiasm for strengthening his native India bonds Bhanu Choudhrie to the Group’s significant expansion in the hospitality industry there. The firm established its Shanti Hospitality Group Limited division that develops destination resorts such Nira Hotels and Resorts, Hyatt Hotels and the Ananda. The subsidiary manages an additional 24 international properties. Another of Choudhrie’s interests is developing India’s utility sector, particularly Asian water resources. Development of the Hamriyah Free Trade Zone has increased demands for water in the region. The subsidiary Alpha Utilities is focusing on desalination as a method to increase water supply. The utility division is also researching improved methods of generating energy using non-carbon fuels.

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