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James Dondero and Aiding Dallas

James Dondero works hard for his money. He also happens to be Highland Capital Management’s President and Chief Executive Officer. Jim Dondero has a true penchant for charitable matters. No one could ever say that he doesn’t have a generous spirit. Jim Dondero frequently makes donations that do a lot for not-for-profit organizations that are based in the lively Dallas, Texas region.

James Dondero is an All-American man through and through. He’s a proud alumnus of a public institution that’s called the University of Virginia. Once his education at the school was up, he headed into the workforce. He secured positions with all sorts of widely known businesses. Key examples of these are American Express and JP Morgan.

Working for these massive companies empowered him to do something memorable, too. That’s the reason he chose to create a company with a man by the name of Mark Okada. Okada was just like James Dondero in that he also worked in the investment banking sector. They made Highland Capital Management come to life. Although the firm commenced its existence in Los Angeles, California, it transitioned to Dallas, Texas in the middle of the nineties. Find Related Information Here.

Jim Dondero has so much to do due to the existence of Highland Capital Management. He also has a jam-packed schedule thanks to the Highland Dallas Foundation. It’s a group that has the assistance of Mary Jalonick, the diligent woman who is at the helm of the Dallas Foundation. Read This Article to learn more.

The Highland Dallas Foundation is distinctive due to the fact that it offers grants that can be suitable for human beings who are searching for assistance options that go beyond pure wherewithal. This entity is one that grasps that there are things out there that require resources that aren’t accessible in cash form. Jim Dondero adores pushing Dallas forward.


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