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James Dondero Helps Dallas Nonprofits


Clients rely on Highland Capital Management’s executives to make smart decisions. They don’t want to lose their money. Co-founder James Dondero works hard to make sure that the $17 billion of funds placed in Highland’s hands is effectively managed. While professional duties keep Jim Dondero busy, he does take time out to help local Dallas nonprofits. Without his support, many excellent charitable endeavors wouldn’t receive the assistance necessary to thrive.

Audiences love the arts, but the price of a ticket isn’t near enough to fully support event costs. The Dallas Symphony, for example, leaves packed audiences thrilled with exceptional performances. However, the prices of running the symphony extend beyond the expenses of each individual production. The nonprofit relies on private donations, including donations from corporate entities. Jim Dondero did his part to help out the symphony and keep the cultural scene in Dallas alive.

The symphony isn’t the only benefactor of Highland Capital Management and Jim Dondero. Some may find it surprising the Dallas Zoo receives funding. Again, ticket sales alone can’t cover the costs of running everything. And the fees associated with caring for scores of exotic animals are stratospherically high.

By directing funds to the zoo, the animals receive exceptional care. The employees tasked with running the zoo benefit as well. The additional funding may very well keep some people secure in their jobs. See This Article for more information

Nonprofits do more than provide diversions or entertainment. Often, they contribute greatly to the soul of a city. Dallas would be a different place without the Perot Museum of Nature and Science and the Museum of Art. James Dondero did a lot to help these and other entities thrive.

Direct financial assistance is all that Jim Dondero provides. Jim Dondero business knowledge is impeccable, as evidenced by a successful career. The nonprofits gain a lot from access to those insights.


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