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The 21st-Century Sees A Change In Focus For Grupo RBS

The Chairperson of the Brazilian media conglomerate, Grupo RBS, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer has a range of hobbies from discovering the best wines in the world to horse racing. Many of these interests are now represented in the range of investments that have been followed up with a focus on the delivery of new and exciting businesses sourced by the media group over the last 20 years. The latest Chairperson and his predecessor, Nelson Sirotsky worked closely together for a number of years and have built a powerful corporation that transcends the Brazilian media sector and new areas of business for the brand.

The Grupo RBS brand has been a major part of the Brazilian media scene with the company taking on a series of innovations and developments that were not the easiest to complete. Established in 1957 as Gaucho Radio, this single radio station from Grupo RBS led to the creation of a series of media outlets, including TV Gaucho and a number of media outlets across the southern portion of Brazil. Creating such a large business and media empire is not done overnight but the Sirotsky family that has always led the work of Grupo RBS has committed three generations of business leaders to the task. To know more about RBS visit

Grupo RBS may have begun life as a media business brand but it is now far more than this as it has become a high-quality investment company with an emphasis on new technologies. The new technologies that are being explored by Grupo RBS include the online retail industry that is represented in its portfolio by one of the world’s largest retail wine outlets. Grupo RBS has become one of the leading investors in the global technology startup sector with its range of investments moving from a focus on Brazil to every corner of the world. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer believes the uncertain future facing the media sector must be offset with investments made in other areas that will secure the future of his family and the Grupo RBS brand for years to come.

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