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Business-Use Software And This Firm’s Parent Company Both Benefit Empiricus Research; Also, Let’s Take A Look At Relevant Statistics To Empiricus’ Current Operations

Empiricus has consulted companies throughout Brazil on the design, content, creation, distribution, and maintenance of their newsletters as a primary form of operation since its 2009 foundation. In terms popularity of its services, Empiricus Research’s newsletter consultancy is tied with actually creating newsletters from scratch for clients.

The firm owns one-half of O Antagonista, a Portuguese-written, Brazilian website; one-quarter of O Antagonista is owned by each Mario Sabino and Diogo Mainardi. Empiricus is half-owned by The Agora, whereas it’s one-sixth owned each by Felipe Miranda, Caio Mesquita, and Rodolfo Amstalden.


Statistics about Empiricus, its operation, and current readership

Empiricus’ newsletters usually consist entirely or primarily of information classified under financial services. Before Brazilian adult subscribers start reading the newsletters that Empiricus as a direct hand in, 45 percent stores all their money in savings, whereas 35 percent invests in stocks, at least a little bit, that is. Go Here for additional information.

After reading Empiricus’ newsletters for a short while, one study showed, these categories experienced a 30 percent drop and 25 percent boost, respectively, up to 45 percent and 35 percent. This means that the firm’s newsletters directly increased the rate at which adult Brazilians invested in their country’s own stock market.

350,000 people currently pay for the firm’s hand-crafted newsletters and read them. 2,000,000 people – including both paid and free readers – read the firm’s newsletters as regular subscribers. Refer to This Article to learn more.


The utility of seeking help from The Agora and from a business-use software

The Agora is responsible for getting Empiricus Research into financial content in the first place, which happened around 2013.

Empiricus is also aided by the use of Salesforce, a popular business software, in maintaining the consistent, regular, direct reaching of clients on an individual basis with its newsletters just by using Salesforce, some of the company’s department heads have revealed in the past.


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