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Highland Capital Management and True Professionals


Highland Capital Management is a private company that’s in the asset management field. It has been ticking since its debut in 1993. Chief Investment Officer Mark Okada made it come to fruition then. The same goes for President James Dondero. Its primary branch is in Dallas, Texas.

Highland Capital has a handful of branches elsewhere. They’re in Singapore, Seoul, South Korea, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sao Paulo, Brazil and, last but certainly not least, New York, New York. Highland Capital Management is a business that tackles international public equities investments. Other topics it tackles are structured items, high-yield bonds and fixed income matters.

Highland Capital Management has a retail investing arm. It’s named simply “Highland Funds.” People who wish to find out about “ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund)” subjects often look into Highland Funds. The same thing applies to individuals who have any curiosity that involves mutual funds.

Highland Capital Management now takes care of an investment network that has a varied feel. It works with retail and institutional investors. These investors are in all nooks and crannies of the planet. People who wish to learn a lot about structured credit, real estate and high-yield credit frequently depend on the Highland Capital Management crew. Get Related Information Here.

People everywhere constantly are searching for guidance that involves investment advisory matters. Highland Capital Management, however, gives people all around the United States investment advisory help.

This firm is in no sense a small one. It has more than 100 staff members in total right now. These people can talk for a long time about the many facets of alternative funds. They can talk for hours and hours about equity funds, closed end funds and even asset allocation funds of all kinds. People who want to learn about total return concepts often reach out to the Highland staff. Refer to This Article for related information.


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