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Charging Solutions With Seymour Segnit’s MAGFAST Charger


Seymour Segnit is known for being the inventor and the founder of the MAGFAST Charger. This is a start-up company that began in 2018. As with so many inventions, they are created out of a person’s desire to make something easier. With all the technology out today, everything needs to be charged.

It can be quite an inconvenience because all of the devices may have their own specifications for charging. This means buying and keeping up with numerous chargers. This is precisely what happened to Seymour Segnit. When trying to get all the various chargers for his family, he thought of the idea for the MAGFAST Charger.

Since the MAGFAST Charger is fully wireless, you do not have to run into the issue of tons of wires that can get tangled up with each other. The other unique feature of this charger is that magnets are used to connect the different components to each other. It is designed to be compatible with most devices and the great thing about it is that charging can happen simultaneously for the various devices. Go To This Page for related information.

The MAGFAST Charger is not just one charger, but actually a grouping of six different chargers. MAGFAST Charger has a portable charger called the LifeCharger. It is so small that it can fit in the palm of your hand. Another device that MAGFAST has the RoadCharger. This is a device that you can use in your car to charge your devices. Visit This Page for more information.

MAGFAST also boasts other devices called the AirCharger, WallCharger and TimeCharger. These obviously are other chargers that can be used in various locations and for various types of devices, such as the TimeCharger for an Apple watch.

Whatever your charger needs might be, the MAGFAST probably has your perfect solution. It is important to know that shipping for Seymour Segnit’s unique invention, the MAGFAST Charger, actually starts at the end of 2019.


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